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10 Steps To Writing The Perfect Sales Page

By April 1, 2018 No Comments
  1. Set targets

To start with you ideally, need to put a goal in place that you aim to achieve. The goal can be big or small but whatever the case it’s critically important to have, as it will help guide your sales page to success. Every sales page needs to entail set achievements whether that’s gaining higher conversions, more sales or brand awareness. You need to be clear on what you want your sales page to achieve as this will help you begin your planning.

  1. Create a Customer Persona

Next, you need to begin deciding what type of audience you aim to promote your product or service too. Although your sales page will reach a large audience you preferably need to create an ideal customer that you aim to draw in. Think about what kind of people will be looking at your brand in terms of age and authority, form your content and imagery around the set audience and research how well your ideas work with the chosen age range.

  1. Make Your Offer Stand Out

The first thing you need to ensure your customer sees is an attractive title, which is intriguing and captures the service or product you offer. Your main headline needs to be bold and aesthetically considered, a customer will assume their first impressions of your page based on how they see it upon immediate sighting. The main purpose of your page is making a sale; therefore, you need to ensure that your content and the images really provoke interest from your audience. Don’t stick with just one example of offer promotion instead write and design a number of the same idea, this will help you choose the perfect title for your sales page.

  1. Decide What Will Get The Attention Of Your Customers

With the product or service, you offer you need to question potential problems that the customers may have which will prompt them to take up your sale. For instance, you need to come up with a rhetorical question which connects with the consumer personally such as; Do you have X problem? Looking to solve X problem? By querying your customer you will convince them to think about the issues they may be undergoing and therefore help you gain a potential buyer. Ensure that you always put your customers first as they are the key factor to consider when creating a sales page.

  1. Provide A List Of Benefits That Your Product Offers

Customers always look for quality of a product or service and how beneficial it is for them. To ensure a perfect sales page you need to sell your product/service effectively, this means outweighing the benefits of your products or service against competitors. If you explain beneficial outcomes to customers and dispel the negatives then you are guaranteed to gain customer trust and interest. Try and disperse your text when talking about benefits, bullet pointing is an effective way at neatly stating your products/services’ positive attributes.

  1. Testimonials and Reviews

People are dependent on trust nowadays; they will expect a company to provide them with a product or service, which reflects the price they pay. Providing a collection of customer feedback and statements allows your customers to learn about how you are as a business and how effective you work. Customers will always pay attention to the negatives even if there are a numerous amount of positives – this is why you need to ensure you can reassure your audience with a selection of happy feedback. By supplying testimonials and reviews you will also appear more reliable and authentic in comparison to a sales page, which has no customer reviews.

  1. Do you have any guarantees or money back/exchange offers?

People like to feel like they’re under good hands, which is why if you offer some type of guarantee after a purchase is made you are ensured to be more favoured by customers. Your customers will be looking for such offers before they buy, ensuring they can make a refund or exchange is the product/service was not received with full expectations. Whether you offer a 1-year warranty of 3 working day return, your guarantee needs to be promoted next to the products you offer and needs to be made noticeable. Your consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they are reassured by the fact they can gain a refund if the bought result isn’t what they expected.

  1. An FAQ Section

Many victors on your sales page will create enquiries, deriving from questions, which weren’t answered in your content previously. If you provide a frequently asked questions page you will immediately be providing your customers with excellent reassurance. Some questions your visitors will have may be found in your FAQs but sometimes they will not so it’s highly effective to allow your customers to make enquiries and post them on your page to help others.

  1. An Action Button

After your visitors have acknowledged your site and what it has to offer the next best thing to do is to create an action button, which leads your customer to a specific page or guides them on what to do next. For instance, you could have a ‘download’, ‘sign up’ or even a ’get a quote’ action link. By including such an action your customers will be able to navigate your page easier, they can also be introduced to a page linking to a finalised sale, which increases your potential chance for a sale.

  1. Be Clear And Straightforward

One of the key things to remember is to keep your content relevant and simple, your audience needs to be able to understand what you’re saying so therefore you will need to keep your terminology distinguishable for everyone. Professional jargon should only be used when necessary, this is to stop your customers from getting bored or losing track, instead just be concise on the information you want to get across.

Overall your sales page needs to be visually appealing and promote your service/product effectively with minimal words. However, you plan your sales page to look ensure that your page is tailored around your designated customer audience.

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