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Essential design techniques for an email campaign to get your customer’s attention.

Email marketing can be a complicated marketing method. If you are new to the game, there are so many different factors to consider. These factors contribute to the perfect email marketing design.Whether you’re reaching out to existing clients or new consumers, the emails you send must be attentive. It’s important to create a detailed, visually effective email.

Today’s people have managed to acquire a shorter attention span due to the influence of technology. Everything nowadays is quick and easy to find, and that’s what your email campaign should be. All of your recipients will be different, that’s why it’s critical to create an email that suits all.

1. Make your email eye-catching

Simply put, we are all attracted to pretty things. It’s no mystery that we will be more attracted to something colourful in comparison to something dull. The same aspect goes for email marketing campaigns, the better looking, the more like they are to succeed.

You should carefully think of what colours to use. For example, the design must reflect the theme of your business.

Colour psychology has always been a useful tool with emotionally connecting with your customers. If your email campaign is urgent include red. Festive? Consider whites and blues or maybe its Halloween? Use orange and black.

However, you aim to create your campaign – make sure you keep the email attractive. The more interesting your campaign is, the more likely you will achieve brand awareness and drive revenue.

2. Consider your layouts carefully

The initial layout of your email campaign is significant.

You need to carefully consider where you’ll place your main image, headlines and text, making sure you put the most attractive and essential elements first. A presentable email marketing campaign is an effective one.

Clear and concise advertisements receive the most attention. It’s the same with anything if it isn’t easy to understand we won’t pay much attention to the advert. Any email marketer should carefully consider what they’d put at the top, as this will be the first thing the receiver sees.

3. Get creative with your content

You should keep your text short, easy to read and entertaining. We all have a short attention span; if there’s too much content in your campaign, nobody will read it. The information should provide an immediate answer or be of interest to your customers. There’s no need to waffle on, be straight to the point.

Don’t throw in professional’s words either; keep your content eligible to be the average 12-year-old reader. Include statistics and facts where possible; real-time evidence appeals to your readers. You can build trust on a foundation of knowledge, so make sure you include some. Putting fewer words will improve your chance of a conversion.

4. Capturing promotions

Sometimes it may be better to deter away from the actual product/service you want to promote. Sounds crazy right? It’s actually very effective! Creating an interactive email campaign will entice engagement and make you more memorable. Static email campaigns aren’t as appealing as interactive ones.

A simple rhetorical question, a declarative or personal address will give your business a personality. People like personalisation, if they see themselves as a number on an email list, they won’t be interested. Email campaigns offering a competition or discount will gain the most engagement.

5. Look for influence

Although it can be good coming up with an original design, sometimes your competitors can be influential. It’s always a good idea to research existing email campaigns to help create yours. We would never recommend completely copying someone else’s, however you can take bits of the design.

It’s also good to study trends in the email marketing industry, including checking statistics. Effective email campaigns have a lot of time and research behind the initial design.

Did our tips help?

There is still a vast amount of tips for helping you design a successful email marketing campaign. However, it would be near enough impossible to teach you everything in one blog.

A suggestion would be that you seek a digital marketer to handle your email campaigns, to save your time, hassle and unsuccessful adverts. But, if you are daring enough to learn the ins and outs of email marketing then these are important points to consider.

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