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6 Email Marketing Design Techniques For Higher Conversions

By February 7, 2018 No Comments

When it comes to email marketing, there are numerous factors you must carefully consider to create the perfect email marketing design. Whether its existing clients or new loyal customers the emails you send out must be visually pleasing and straight to the point. Today’s generation has been lead to have a short attention span due to the influence of mobile technology – everything is quick to find, and nobody has time to read anything unless they need to. When you create an advertisement to send out to your captured emails, you need to ensure you satisfy all audience types.

  1. Visual

To attain your audience, the email advertisement you send out must correspond with the need for visual attraction. Colours and styling should be particular, for instance, the design must reflect the colours of your business’ website, so people indicate that the information regards you. Although you don’t have to match your colours this would be best effective for promoting your company; however, colour psychology could be used instead to allow you to gain a specific emotion from a customer. Whatever you aim to do, make sure that your advertisement is aesthetically pleasing and offers something that catches the reader’s eye. With more interest comes more conversions, it’s a simple tactic to consider yet it is most effective. If you’re promoting an offer, then you should ensure that you are highlighting your proposal, so it stands out against any other feature.

  1. Layout

The positioning of features on your email marketing design is also critical to consider. You have to plan where you want the main image, headline, subtitles and each and must be carefully placed to achieve presentable first impressions from immediate viewing. Text should be scarce and only present where needed; images are more important to give to your clients, as the picture will describe the definition of your promotion. A clean layout is preferable as the advertisement is easy to acknowledge and understand.

  1. Content

The amount, style and length of content are essential when deciding what will appear on your email marketing design. Depending on your targeted audience you should ensure that your information provided is suitable for your email recipients whether that’s regarding formality or complicated jargon. If you are sending your promotion to a range of emails, it would be best that you keep your terminology basic instead of losing people with complicated words. Content should be kept minimal on your advertisement unless it is vital for you to put more text; however, putting less wording is more useful for gaining higher conversions.

  1. Facts & Statistics

If you want to make an email marketing design, which captures genuine interest from your recipients, then factual information is the best thing. Providing percentages or existing representative prices in comparison to your offer are one way to achieve the attention of your clients. For instance, if you can supply a statistic, which helps back up the importance of your proposal, then you are guaranteed to receive genuine trust from your customers. Placing such a feature under the main offer headline is sure to prompt interaction from consumers, they may even research your offer to see if it’s worthwhile – overall providing such authentic information is sure to buy your email recipient’s concern.

  1. Creative Promotion

Sometimes it’s a better option to deter away from the actual product or service you want to promote. It sounds an awful decision, but if you create an interactive, approachable story to guide your audience towards your offer, then you are more likely to gain trust and interest. People don’t like to feel forced or annoyed by received emails, so that’s why creativity plays a big part in the promotion. For instance, you could present a rhetorical question or declarative to entice the recipient, make them feel like they are in conversation with you rather than being made to read an advertisement. To gain a high conversion, this method would be most useful; people like to feel welcomed, and if you have an interactive approach it more than likely will make the receiver feel as if you are speaking to them directly. By adding a personal touch to your email marketing method, you will be drawing in a mass amount of intrigued customers.

  1. Influence

To gain great ideas for your email marketing designs, another excellent step to take is finding existing designs and dissecting the information and layout they have used. As long as you don’t wholly mimic the company’s design and wording you can rehearse phrases and images they have used into your ideas. It’s all about creativity with email marketing designs and that creativity needs to draw in your email recipients effectively. People like new and visually pleasing, that is why you must aim to create designs influenced by these critical factors.

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