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A Logo of Multiple Colours

When it comes to logo design and colours we normally recommend just one colour or two as a maximum. For example, we chose green for our logo, we chose green for the obvious reason – we just liked it. But on looking into our colour choice more closely and the hobbies we enjoy, we love being outside in our spare time, we like the great outdoors and going out on bike rides or BBQs and picnics in the park. Working inside designing websites and logos, creating mobile websites and brochure designs means we are not always able to see the green outside, so with our logo, we are bringing the outside inside. As well as this, green stands out – it’s big, it’s proud and it’s fresh.

Having your logo in just one colour gives it maximum impact, however, as we all know, there are some very successful brands that have mixed colours in their logo. For example Google, Windows and eBay who mix four or more colours into their logo.

The thought process behind logos made up of multiple colours is that the company offers a wide choice of products and services. For example, eBay offers numerous products under the website, products for your kitchen, garden, office, toys for the kids, clothes, cars and so much more.

The Olympic logo is made up of the multi-coloured rings, this stands for a message of diversity and inclusivity – a message that is perfect for the Olympics and therefore the multiple colours in the logo are well suited.

Here at Geek Designs, we see numerous logos of colours and styles. Sometimes clients come to us for a brand new logo as they are keen to launch a new business and need logo and branding to get their name out there. However, some clients come to us as they are looking to refresh their brand and they require a brand new logo or changes to modernise their logo. If you are looking for a new logo design for your company then give us a call – we are always happy to help

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