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Are Commuters Receptive To Advertising? Know Your Audience

By August 1, 2018 No Comments

Every day people are on the move with a mobile device whether they’re on a train, bus or taxi. The real question for digital marketer strategists is how engaged are they with advertisements? There is no analytics on Google explaining what form of transport a viewer is on which is why it’s a query we have to decipher ourselves. Whilst commuting adverts don’t only appear on mobile phones or tablets, instead, there will be posters on public transport and billboards surrounding crowds’ every day. There are numerous ways to advertise to the general public and we don’t always get to notice them during our busy daily schedules.

But how engaged are our mobile customers? When using a bus or taxi there usually is a set amount of time available for the customers to use for Internet browsing. However, although they have time whatever they look at must be brief and straight to the point, especially if they have a short journey or are in a hurry. With online advertisements the content and headlines should be short and punchy, they need to clearly demonstrate the product or service you’re offering and about it in limited characters.

Whilst people are on the move the time they spend to look at their phones to make their journey faster is when you need to put together the best, most captivating advertisement. Customers will be looking for something, which catches their attention upon immediate viewing. This short window of phone interest from people on the move is where millions are spent into research, aiming to produce the best marketing techniques for potential sales. 60% of commuters were aware of adverts during their travels, which greatly helps understand that the majority of the public are in fact looking at what is being presented to them. Although few people will be sleeping or reading, most of your ideal customers will be passing time by using there phone – this is where you have to consider your best marketing ideas in order to gain as much customer interest as possible.

The most difficult audience to unravel is the younger generations, this is because they have a short attention span due to the influence of their technology. When advertising to younger generations you need to provide an advert which is visually capturing or a title, which screams ‘offer’, or something immediately intriguing. An engagement zone has been constructed which suggests that holiday offers and brand awareness should be posted in the early morning whilst inspirational posts, images and activities should be scheduled in the evening.

However, although people are highly active on mobile phones during travel it comes with a catch – most of the people browsing the Internet during a travel are younger than 20 and such customers will pay no attention to an advertisement unless it is entertaining, something worthy enough to pass their time.

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