How to create an engaging Facebook page

With the mass of users and number of times products or services are searched, Facebook represents a huge potential market for social media efforts. Being populated with almost 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is possibly the biggest social networking platform in the world. Many of these users will browse the platform to find services or products that they may require.

Keeping your audience engaged with your website

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have. In a world that is becoming online, the way in which your website looks is crucial for any business. To stay current in this dynamic, growing world of technology, we recommend that your website is redesigned at least every two years.

Your website is great, but do you have a LinkedIn profile to match?

With over 500 million users and two new members each second, LinkedIn proves to be the world’s largest professional network today. Out of 500 million users, the potential of being found and recognised by future customers is high: in fact, a whopping 80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies, stats show.

5 Tips for a Better Mobile Experience

The average individual picks up their mobile 85 times a day, studies show. This means that a third of a person’s waking day is spent looking at a phone. Think about your routine: do you switch on your phone as soon as you wake? Eating breakfast, there’s no need for a newspaper anymore – you unlock your phone to search the Daily Mail, and you’re reading the headlines in seconds. There’s likelihood that you’re reading this article on your mobile, right now.

Why your website needs SSL Certificate

According to studies, an estimated 37,000 websites are hacked everyday. More worryingly, this figure involves websites that require debit card details and customer information. Figures also reveal that you are now 20 times more likely to be robbed while at your computer by a criminal based overseas than held up in the street – a chilling fact. Browsing online in your home – somewhere that should be regarded as a safe place – now risks credit card fraud, data crime and identity theft. However, you can protect your site’s visitors.

Live chat will benefit your business – here’s why

With the advancement of technology, online browsing couldn’t be easier. In this modern, techno world, speed plays a vital role in maintaining a customer’s attention. Instant messaging and live streaming has taken over social media – as technology advances, Internet users have less and less patience. Therefore, your company’s website must be current enough to satisfy these needs. The introducing of Live Chat allows customers to receive answers immediately – without wasting any time finding phone numbers and waiting on hold.

The downsides to a dull website​

As the world of technology advances more companies become more competent at using the technology to market their product or services, it becomes more critical to have a website that really performs and portrays their business and brand as best as possible.

Why Do You Need A Website?

Here at Geek Designs, as a web design company in Peterborough we sometimes meet people in business at networking events and they sometimes feel they don’t need a website or they ask why they would need a website, so we can up with those top ten reasons why every person in business should have a website; A website is expected, in this day and age if you do not have a website it is thought that you may not be real or you may not be a company that people can trust. With a website your business in then open to the whole of the world, every single hour of every single day. Your website is working for you when you could be fast asleep.  A website can help you improve your level of customer service because you can answer customers frequently asked questions, direct them easily around the website and help them find what they need.  Your website will be an up to date version of your business, with all your latest products, services, sales and special offers.  You can advertise and promote your products and services through your website, as another marketing channel for your business. Unlike a shop in the high street, having a website for your business allows you to reach a wider, global audience. A website will allow you to keep up with your competition, or even stay one step ahead of them if they do not already have a website. Having a website for your business will allow you to save time spreading your brand and will help you make money for your business.  You business website will allow you to project a professional image of your business, you will look ‘real’ and it will help you look bigger than you are. You can use a website for your business to gather information from visitors to your website through sign up forms, newsletter subscriptions and such like. Still don’t think you need a website? Think again!


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