With the benefits that a branded vehicle brings, you cannot afford to have a poorly designed logo

A shocking 32 million cars drive on Britain’s road, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Amongst 32 million drivers, a potential customer must be on the roads. As opposed to going west in your vehicle as often advised, slap your logo on a company vehicle and go drive.

5 Tips for a Better Mobile Experience

The average individual picks up their mobile 85 times a day, studies show. This means that a third of a person’s waking day is spent looking at a phone. Think about your routine: do you switch on your phone as soon as you wake? Eating breakfast, there’s no need for a newspaper anymore – you unlock your phone to search the Daily Mail, and you’re reading the headlines in seconds. There’s likelihood that you’re reading this article on your mobile, right now.

Logos: a critical part of your business

Being the first and last focus of attention, logos play a powerful role in your company. Upon seeing a company’s logo, an opinion will instantly be made. It takes seven seconds for an individual to make a first impression; don’t let your logo be the reason a customer loses interest. A professionally designed logo will boost your potential customer’s trust – making them more likely to do business with you. Your logo reflects your skills and your capability; without a well-designed logo, customers won’t believe your ability.

UX and Design trends for 2017​

We are in the unique environment of website design and within this ever-changing industry there comes a lot of creative trends, styles and expectations of user experience, that will either intrigue us as designers or they may repulse us; regardless of what your personal, preferred design style is or how you keep your users entertained, I am sure I can express on behalf of all of us when I say we are all a little bit curious as to what 2017’s web design trends and user experience expectations may bring to us and our inspiration.​

The downsides to a dull website​

As the world of technology advances more companies become more competent at using the technology to market their product or services, it becomes more critical to have a website that really performs and portrays their business and brand as best as possible.

Illustration over Stock

When trying build a brand and company identity we always want to portray ourselves as professional but also we want to show our brands and company’s personality- we build a website that best suits these requirements, we make it look pretty and we use photography. Now, I’m not saying we’re all angels here but this blog is all about the power of illustrations and how we should all start implementing them into our work a little more.

The psychology of logo shapes and colours

The power of a logo to evoke an emotional response can have a substantial effect on the way your potential customers view a particular brand, company or service. A powerful logo may look simple and easy but there is nothing simple about creating and effective logo. Yes the most well known logos may look like they have just been picked by chance, but they haven’t. An extensive process of planning and creating has taken place to ensure the optimum effectiveness from the logo.  It may sound ridiculous and almost like the brands are trying to brain wash us (they’re not) with the fact that that certain shapes and colours have a psychological effect on us. Our subconscious minds respond in different ways to logo shapes. Different styles, shapes and colours all can simply imply different meanings to different people. For example- The Nike swoosh can be interpreted as movement and power by using curves and finishing with a sharp point. Particular logo shapes send out particular messages, such as: Circles ovals and ellipses tend to be seen as positive and emotional messages. Using a circle has connotations of unity, friendship, relationships. Rings have the connotation of partnership suggesting both stability and endurance. Curves can be seen as movement or feminine. Straight edged logos such as squares and triangles suggest stability and balance. They offer a precise logo, creating a greater impact through their connotations of stability, power etc. Designed with the wrong colours e.g. cold and harsh colours the logo can look very uninviting and not portray the company as hoped to. Using more dynamic colours can prevent this issue and create a statement that is effective for your potential audience. Triangles have the association with power, science, religion and law. These are view as male attributes so it’s no surprise that triangle logos appear slightly more in companies with a male target customer. Vertical lines are something our subconscious associates with masculinity and strength where as horizontal lines are associated with calm and tranquility. Typefaces are another thing our subconscious is prejudice about. If a typeface has curved, soft and rounded edges it gives a more youthful tone where as the opposite shows a harsh and dynamic tone to the typeface. Before you begin the logo designing process for your client, we suggest writing down a list of attributes and values that your clients business wants to portray. Establish the direction that your client wants to go in and whom their target customers are. Whether it’s young, old, classic, contemporary, commercial, domestic, all of these values should be considered so you can design an effective logo or typeface for your client. Once the values and direction that your client wants to head in has been established you can then begin the design process, this won’t be a quick process (unless you have the easiest clients in the world). There will be design work, changes, more design work, the colour may not be right, the client may not like any of your designs, the designer may not like any of their designs, the list goes on. It’s all about understanding and knowing your client- this will make your process a lot easier. These 5 design tips are what we think will help the process:

How To Get The Business Logo of Your Dreams

As a Logo Design Company in Peterborough, the logo designers here at Geek Designs deal with lots of start-up businesses or larger businesses that looking to rebrand and they’re in need of logo designers to design a new logo for their business – but just being given a name doesn’t make a logo, logo designers need more than that to create the logo of our clients dreams. A great business logo will tell the story of the business, so the more information the logo designer has about your business, the more likely it will be that you get the logo of your dreams for your business. We have listed below just some of the things you can tell your logo designer to ensure you get the business logo you’re looking for; Speak to the logo designer about your business name, where it came from and any special significance it has as this can be mixed into your logo to add the real personality of the company.Tell the logo designer about the services your business provides, try pretending that the logo designer is a potential client and you’re explaining your business to him or her. This way the logo designer will get a real feel of your business and what you have to offer. Think about who your competition are, the ones who always advertise in the same places as you and go to the same networking events as you. Show your logo designer their logos so he or she can create a business logo for that stands out from the crowd.Consider the Unique Selling Points (USPs) of your company and what makes your business stand out from the others, explain this points to your logo designer so they can create a business logo that portrays this for you. Take the time to think about your ideal customer and explain these people to your logo designer, your logo designer can then create a logo that will suit the tastes of your ideal customer and target audience.Every business solves problems for their customers, what problems do you solve for your customers? Tell your logo designer what problems you solve for your customers and they will try and covey this in your business logo for you. Consider the goals of your business and the goals for your clients, speak to your logo designer about what you want to achieve from your business and how you want to help your clients. When speaking to your logo designer about what you want from your business logo come up with 5 adjectives you would use to explain your business to others. Your logo designer can then keep these words in mind to create your business logo. Giving this information to your logo designer will help them create a great business logo that really shows off what your business is all about and it will give prospective clients a taste of the style of your business. If you’re looking for help with your business logo design then give us a call, we are always happy to help businesses dreams come true.

Call To Action for Ecommerce Websites

Here at Geek Designs we know that when it comes to creating a successful ecommerce website the usability is super important. A well designed ecommerce website with good usability will make the buying process, for the visitor to the website, as quick and easy as possible. One main way in which you can create a more usable ecommerce website that can create higher conversion rates and improve the sales through your website is with clear call to action and sign-up buttons that are easy for the visitor to your website to see and simple to use. It’s a really good idea to avoid lengthy sign-up forms that will take time up a lot of the visitor’s time and they will have to put in a lot of effort to successfully register to enable them to use your ecommerce website and purchase products from your business. For someone to use your ecommerce website you don’t need to know their name, address, telephone number, job they do, how many kids they have, the name of their first school, how many times a day they go to the toilet and the last time they kissed their mother. All you really need is the visitors email address and password so they can start looking around your site and selecting products to purchase. This means the visitor to your ecommerce website can then use this email address and password to log into their account, to order more products or pre-order products that they have ordered before quickly, simply and very easily. When it comes to ecommerce websites never underestimate just how much you can achieve with a call to action button. A good call to action button can help improve the usability of the website and helps build high conversion rates through your ecommerce website for your business. The web design team here at Geek Designs know how to make call to action buttons that stand out. We will speak with you about the size of the call to action button, the colour, the font, the positioning and the wording on the call to action button. We will ensure the button is very clear and stands out from the website – catching the user’s eye. If you would like help creating an ecommerce website for your business why not call our team of experienced web designers – we are always happy to help.


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