Keeping your audience engaged with your website

Your website is the most important marketing tool you have. In a world that is becoming online, the way in which your website looks is crucial for any business. To stay current in this dynamic, growing world of technology, we recommend that your website is redesigned at least every two years.

The 5 Second Rule and Other Website Tips To Remember

 The 5 Second RuleWhen it comes to your website you have just 5 seconds to attract the visitor, you need to use this 5 seconds to explain your value proposition and make sure they don’t press the ‘back button’ to exit your website. You need to make sure your site has interesting content and a clear lay out that entices the visitor to your website, giving them a reason to stay! Calling Them InHave a think about calls to action, how can you call the visitor to your website in to your website to do something. The most popular call to action buttons will say something like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Work With Us’ or ‘Request a Quote’. You need to make sure your call to action buttons are above the ‘fold’ of your website so they can be clearly seen – but they’re good at the base too for when the visitor gets to the bottom of the page and wants more. You Gotta Have Faith Building trust and faith is critical, especially if you are selling products or services online. Great ways of doing this are through posting guarantees, featuring awards or certificates, having a phone number to speak to a real person and similar. Having trust and faith is what makes people buy from you! Stay FreshAs much as the look and design of your website is still really important, content is and probably always be king. You don’t want visitors to come to your website and see out of date content or a business that isn’t active online so keep the content fresh and your blog posts updated. Be SocialMake it easy for visitors to your website to share your stuff with social media and sharing buttons, this will help you create a great opportunity for a brand that creates new customers and help your website to get more sales. However, if you are going to be on social media, be active. Don’t be a robot and don’t do nothing.


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