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Vehicle livery can bring you many benefits, but first, you need a high-quality logo.

A shocking 38.2 million cars drive on Britain’s roads (according to the Society Of Motor Manufacturers and Traders). Among the vast number of drivers, at least one potential customer is looking for your product or services. So, what better idea than to slap your brand on the side of your company vehicle and do some circling of your area?

The world may be becoming much more digitalised, but there will always be commuters and that way your transport should be used to its advantage. Whether you’re a floral service, own a small fleet of vans or a web design company that has a company car – a branded vehicle is an excellent form of direct marketing.

Logo design has always been a vital asset to your brand.

If you haven’t already got your logo, it’s highly advised that you seek a professional for the design plays an essential factor in how good it’s quality will be. Settling for a cheap, online logo generator over carefully executed logo development will leave you out of pocket and cheapen your business name.

Achieve an abundance of impressions.

A branded vehicle can generate around 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions, reaching more than billboards, radio and direct mail do. Not only will you be marketing your business on your journeys, but also when you’re stationary. Say for instance you visit Tesco, you can expect a densely populated area of customers who will notice your vehicle – and one of them may need your help.

Also, the inconvenience of being stuck in traffic will still be contributing to your brand awareness. If you think about it, what else do people have to do when held up by other cars? People will acknowledge your branded vehicle; they’ll memorise your logo and be interested in what you’re advertising. Display your business wherever you can on your car, whether a van or car. You need to ensure you cover the sides and rear view to capture as much interest as you possibly can while mobile.

The importance of logo placement.

Painting your logo on your vehicle to look as close as it possibly can to the original isn’t the way to go. Almost any part of your car can be adorned with your logo, whether you’re looking to cover your entire vehicle or install a sign atop your vehicle – it’s possible.

We need to consider the perspective of the people on the road; they’ll be concentrating on their driving. So, it’s the people behind you who need to be informed first. Applying a logo to your vehicle itself can be a risky task and costly for that matter if you get the application wrong. Luckily, if you’re in or near Peterborough, the Geeks here can ensure your brand is applied to your vehicle correctly.

Do you have a part-time business? Or maybe the company car is also your everyday family car? Well, that’s no problem at all you can also find magnetic vehicle signs. This way you can selectively choose when you’d like to advertise your brand or keep a low profile. Vehicle livery is a highly flexible marketing method.

The mobility of your logo

Most signs used to market businesses are limited to a geographical reach. Presenting your company via a billboard or banner is excellent, but it’s not going to reach a bigger audience. However, owning a branded vehicle will help you achieve a diverse audience of people. The mobility offered by holding a car or van with your logo will introduce potential customers to your business better than stationary marketing ever could.

Driving to work, we always see the same advertisements on the same billboard and don’t think twice about it. But instead with a branded vehicle, you can showcase your brand to new customers each day as you take the same path to work. A new set of eyes increases the probability of customer and brand awareness for that matter.

Branding your business

Your logo is the foundation of which you build your business on; it becomes the face of your company. Whether it’s McDonald’s, Coca-Cola or KFC we recognise these places just from their logo and colours. Driving your logo around saturates more awareness and visibility for your brand and drives (ha get it?) customers towards your business.

Without a branded vehicle, your business could lack professionalism, especially when you are called out to a meeting or someone’s home. A branded car or van appears much more trustworthy than a low profile vehicle.

A logo slapped onto the side and back of your company car is hard to ignore on the road. A high-quality logo goes the extra mile. From your local shop to the petrol station to your home, you can show off your new logo. You can market your business better than any paper and could do.

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