The Right Colour For Your Target Audience

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The Right Colour For Your Target Audience

We briefly touched on colours of logos and logo design in a recent blog post, but we have looked at KISSmetrics and found out some really interesting things from their research. These are facts and pointers that could definitely help towards choosing the colour of your branding and logo.

Now, when it comes to your website you want the colour of your logo to go through to the website design so it brings the company and brand together. When visitors come to your website you want them to know they have come to the right place and this message can be put across by using the right colours, along with other things like a clear company name and description of what you do.

So, according to KISSmetrics, what colours should you (and shouldn’t you) be using on your logo design and website to attract your target audience?

If you’re the company is aimed at women and you’re targeting your business mainly at women you want to go for greens, purples and blues. The colours you want to steer clear from are oranges, browns and greys.

If however you are aiming for men and they are your target audience you really want to look at blacks, as well as greens and blues (like women) and you want to avoid oranges and browns (as you would with women) and purples too.

When it comes to the Business to Business companies you are often aiming your products and services at both males and females, in which case you are looking to go for greens and blues, avoiding oranges and browns.

Sometimes the powerful role that colour plays in branding, websites and logos is ignored but by tweaking the colour of a button on a page can often increase your clicks and can often change the behaviour of the user.

Basically speaking, the colour of your brand, logo and website can be crucial to the conversion rate of your website to speak to our team of website designers in Peterborough to see how we can increase your conversions and clicks on your website.

A Logo of Multiple Colours

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A Logo of Multiple Colours

When it comes to logo design and colours we normally recommend just one colour or two as a maximum. For example, we chose green for our logo, we chose green for the obvious reason – we just liked it. But on looking into our colour choice more closely and the hobbies we enjoy, we love being outside in our spare time, we like the great outdoors and going out on bike rides or BBQs and picnics in the park. Working inside designing websites and logos, creating mobile websites and brochure designs means we are not always able to see the green outside, so with our logo, we are bringing the outside inside. As well as this, green stands out – it’s big, it’s proud and it’s fresh.

Having your logo in just one colour gives it maximum impact, however, as we all know, there are some very successful brands that have mixed colours in their logo. For example Google, Windows and eBay who mix four or more colours into their logo.

The thought process behind logos made up of multiple colours is that the company offers a wide choice of products and services. For example, eBay offers numerous products under the website, products for your kitchen, garden, office, toys for the kids, clothes, cars and so much more.

The Olympic logo is made up of the multi-coloured rings, this stands for a message of diversity and inclusivity – a message that is perfect for the Olympics and therefore the multiple colours in the logo are well suited.

Here at Geek Designs, we see numerous logos of colours and styles. Sometimes clients come to us for a brand new logo as they are keen to launch a new business and need logo and branding to get their name out there. However, some clients come to us as they are looking to refresh their brand and they require a brand new logo or changes to modernise their logo. If you are looking for a new logo design for your company then give us a call – we are always happy to help

Make Your Website Convert More Visitors

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Make Your Website Convert More Visitors

It’s all well and good having a website that looks good and attracts lots of visitors, but if these visitors are not converting to sales what’s the point? For a website to be effective it needs to be converting. In this article, we have put together some top tips that can make your website convert visitors.

First up you need to make sure that your website is simple, filling a landing page with multiple images, graphics and every relevant and irrelevant piece of content and information may not be helpful. You need to engage with your audience and keep them wanting more. You don’t want to overwhelm them so they bounce back off of the page and onto a competitor’s page.

Just because you think your product is so good it sells itself that doesn’t mean that’s what visitors to your website think. Adding a well-written article or piece of content to your product or service will draw in visitors to your website and if they find out what they want to know on your website chances are they will purchase the product or service from you. Adding a few blog posts on your website that tie in with the product or service will help increase brand awareness and trust in you as a business.

You want visitors to your website to engage with your website, your brand and your company so add engaging elements to the website. Incorporate a mix of photos and videos that connect personally with visitors to your website. The more the visitor to your website enjoys your website, the more likely they will want to purchase a product or service from you.

Make sure your website has a clear call to action – this may seem like a no-brainer but we have seen a worrying amount of websites that rely on the visitor going to the ‘Contact Us’ page to purchase products and services. If you want to enjoy more conversions on your website, lead visitors quickly and clearly in the right direction!

If you would like to know more about how you can get more conversions on your website give us a call – we are always happy to help.

How Important Is The ‘About Us’ Page For A Website?

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How Important Is The ‘About Us’ Page For A Website?

The ‘About Us’ page is one of the most popular pages on many business websites. Visitors get to your site on the landing page and if they want to learn more about who you are and where you have come from they may go on to look at the About Us page, but do they expect to see on this page of your website?

When a visitor goes to your ‘About Us’ page they’re on a fact-finding mission. They want to find out more about you, your story and how your company is made up. People that visit you’re ‘about us’ page want to learn a lot more about you and your business.

This page is an excellent place to give your visitors a real taste of how you are and what your company can offer them. This page is where you can give your visitors the impression that you are a company that can be trusted and that you are a company that they want to work with.

What questions should your About Us page cover?

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why Should They Choose You?
  3. What Do You Do?
  4. When Did You Start?
  5. How Do You Do What You Do?

However, to make a great about us page it’s not just about answering those questions it’s also about how you do it. You need to explain what your business does in a way that is easy to understand, it may be wise to get someone outside of your company to read the content to make sure they understand it. The biggest mistake some companies make is creating their content in a way that is too techy so the everyday customer can’t understand it.

You need to have photos of your products or services on the About Us page, this helps to show you are a legitimate company and it’s another place to show off the products you have available to the visitor. The content on this page needs to be ‘human’; the visitor needs to be able to relate to it. The content needs to be engaging and interesting. This is where the visitor gets to ‘meet’ the real you.

It is recommended that the ‘About Us’ page is easy to find from the homepage as it is likely to be one of the most popular pages on your website. However, most importantly, you need to have a Call to Action on your homepage. The visitor is likely to have seen what they already want to purchase so when they find out more about you they will fall in love with you and want to buy from you. By having a clear call to action available they will be able to contact you immediately.

By following these top tips you are well on your way to having an ‘About Us’ page that is out of this world!

What Is A Landing Page

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What Is A Landing Page

Landing Pages are so important on a website, in this article we help you understand what a landing page is, why you need landing pages on your website and the do’s and don’ts to consider when designing landing pages for your website!

A landing page is a page on your website that is separate from your website; it is often used as a page where customers ‘land’ from a campaign, advertisement or article included in your website, on a social media platform or from another source (such as an advert in a magazine or a link from another website or guest post).

To make a website page a landing page there must be no navigational links from that page to another page in your website. There must be a call to action on the landing page, encouraging the visitor to do something like ordering a product, filling in a form, contacting you for details, etc. The copy on the landing page must be tailored to suit the target audiences needs, for example if the advert that had got them through to the landing page is on a mums and babies style website, the style of writing needs to be same and the products or services available need to be targeted at that audience.

Here are some top tips for your landing page;

Only Have One Message Per Page

Don’t mix the landing page with different offers, products and details. The landing page should be the last page the visitor goes on before following the call to action which could mean ordering the product or contacted you for more details.

Keep The Message Clear

The message your visitor has come through must be clear on the campaign they come through from and on the landing page. This means the visitor knows they are in the right place and they will be ready to follow your call to action step.

Make The Call to Action Clear

The visitor has come to this page to find out more, make sure your call to action is clear so they can take the next step and follow your call to action. Make this an easy step for your visitor to follow.

Make it Work

When you’ve set up your call to action make sure you test it thoroughly, make sure the link to it works and make sure when the visitor follows your call to action that works too. There is nothing worse than spending time and money to get a potential client to your landing page only for them to find it doesn’t work.

If you need help creating landing pages for your website give us a call!

Five things to consider when redesigning your website

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Five things to consider when redesigning your website

It is recommended that you redesign your website every 3-5 years, however, when it comes to redesigning your website there are lots of things to consider. In this article we cover the top five things you really need to think about. These are Content, Blogs, SEO, Website Optimisation and Social Media. Read on to find out more

1. Content

When redesigning your website have a look at the words on each page, sit back and read the content as someone that doesn’t live inside your business and try and see if it still makes sense to your customer. If you’re not sure get a friend outside the industry to have a read and see if they can understand what you’re trying to say. Have a think about your keywords and the location you want business, make sure these are in your content but don’t fall into the trap of ‘keyword stuffing’ – the content still needs to make sense.

2. Blogs

If you don’t have a blog on your website then make sure that you add one on when you redesign your website. A blog is ideally updated once or twice a week with fresh, unique, engaging and high quality content. This could be articles about new services you offer, industry news, top tips or how to guides. By updating your website with an article every few days it will show Google you are an active site and these articles (of 300-600 words) will help your website move up the rankings on search engines.

 3. SEO

There is no point having a website if nobody is going to see it, you need to get your website SEO optimised. This is not a one off service but instead an ongoing service of small changes to your website to make sure that search engines like what they see and help your potential customers find you.

 4. Website Optimisation

As with SEO, you need to make sure that your website gets seen. Would you spend lots of money on glossy brochures showing off your business to leave them to get dusty in the garage? If you don’t get your website optimised that is exactly what you are doing with your website. Making changes on the back end of your website, behind the scenes can really help make your website look more attractive to search engine spiders.

 5. Social Media

It is reported that more and more people are going to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to ask for recommendations of services and products, instead of going to search engines like Google. It has never been more important to get your business onto social media sites to help attract more potential clients. We have seen clients making huge impacts on search engines just through using social media platforms like Google+.Make sure you put links to your social media pages on your website when looking at a website redesign but more importantly, if you are going to link from your website to a social media platform, make sure that platform is in use; otherwise your customers won’t be interested.

For more top tips on redesigning your website give the friendly team at Geek Designs a call, we are always happy to offer guidance, support and advice.

New domains are out…

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New domains are out…

When you first put your brand new website live did you find you were settling for a domain/website address that you weren’t one hundred per cent happy with because you could really find what you were looking for? Perhaps the domain name you wanted was already taken or you had to pay large amounts of money for it?

If you have been looking for a new domain address and haven’t quite found what you are looking for then your luck could be in – earlier this month a brand new batch of superb urls have come out. Instead of the URL being www then your company name and then com, co dot uk, org or net you can now have www then your company name and it could end with a service you offer.

For example, if you are the White Hart Hotel and,, and had already gone you can now have www.whitehart.hotel as one of the new urls is .hotel.

If you are looking to make your business stand out from the crowd and be remembered then you don’t only need a fantastic website but you also need a website address that is short, snappy and memorable!

Google has said that those companies using the new urls will rank highly on search engines if the content on the site is of high quality and matches the name of the site. So, using our earlier example of www.whitehart.hotel – if the website was not a hotel but was in fact about a football team called the White Hart, this would not rank well in search engines. Google stresses that Content is still King, the content must be unique and of high quality but the content of the site must match the services stated in the url.

Currently, there are around 400 different URL options including endings such as company, football, hotel, accountant, limited, management, marketing, photography, shop, wedding and so much more.

If you have been thinking about a new url for your website give us a call. We can help find the right url for your business!

Use content to get your website indexed

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Use content to get your website indexed

Here at Geek Designs, we are often asked how we can get a clients website to the top of the organic search results of search engines like Google, one of the best ways is to ensure you have great, high quality and unique content on your website before the website is even submitted to Google for indexing.

When you first create your website you will be competing against millions of other web pages in Google’s index. If the content on your website is not targeted, relevant or even interesting to your visitors your website will struggle to climb the ranks of the organic searches.

However, as much as it is good to have interesting content on your website, if you are attracting the wrong audience to your website that’s not going to help either as these customers will have minimal impact on the sales of your business. For example, you may love football and you write lots of content on your blog posts about the latest results of your favourite football teams and reviews of the recent matches you have attended, this attracts lots of football fans. However, if you’re selling magician services for weddings you will find that many of the visitors to your site will not be interested in the services your business offers.

Before you start writing the content for your website speak to our team, here at Geek Designs, we can do some keyword research for you that will show us the words people search for when looking to purchase the products or services available from your business. We will find the niche keywords that will help set your website and business apart from your online competition.

When writing the content for your website you will need to use these keywords 2-3 times within the content of each page and each page should have between 300 and 600 words. This will allow Google to index your website as a whole and then individual pages within your site allowing you to rank higher on search engines like Google.

If you would like to know more about the SEO or content creation services we have available through Geek Designs drop us a line, we are always happy to help you out with any queries you may have.

Is your website converting?

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Is your website converting?

1. Stale Website & Design

As the Internet grows, which it constantly does, so does the technology that makes it even more dynamic and responsive. It’s important to have a fresh, clean website which is up to date. Web users can tell amateur websites from professional websites, so it pays to get fresh designs from a qualified, experienced web designer.

2. Old content which is years out of date

Having out of date content on your website does portray an unprofessional image. When customers visit your website they want to fulfil their need for the information  on your products and services. Fortunately all of the websites we build have a content management system so you can keep your content relevant and up to date.

3. The website has no way to convert

Having hundreds of views a week is great but website visitors who just click through your site and then leave are essentially no different from a window shopper.  Make sure there is a ‘call to action’ visible on the website so you can convert these visitors into customers.

4. Long page loading time

With broadband speeds getting faster by the day, web users expect sites to load promptly. If they don’t…..well there are millions of other websites to view.It’s simple; if your site doesn’t load fast people will leave.

5. Your website isn’t optimised for Mobile use

With the explosion in the past couple of years for smartphones and tablets, this has created an entirely new sector in web browsing, with 40% coming from a mobile device. If your website does not cater for those people, you’re cutting out a large chunk of potential customers. If you have any of these 5 common problems and would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We will inform you of what we can do to get you in a better position to use your website to its full advantage.

Is your business mobile ready?

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Is your business mobile ready?

A smartphone is as close to a magic wand or lightsaber as exists outside of the dimension of fantasy.

Recent research indicates that 7 in 10 people own a smartphone in the UK. The same group has to project that 78% of mobile user will have a smartphone by 2016.  That’s just about every person who isn’t a small child or old age pensioner that’s in a nursing home. Here’s another way to say that: Essentially every one of your prospects and customers has a smartphone. Allow me to spell it out for you: If your business isn’t ready for mobile it’s a dinosaur waiting to become extinct.

Here are two important first steps so your business will avoid extinction by mobile:

1. Get your online information optimized for local search.

This is critical for a comprehensive online strategy, but mandatory for mobile because mobile searchers are often trying to literally find a business. If I’m in and hungry for pizza, you want me to find you in my local mobile search for “pizza places in Peterborough.”

2. Decide whether to invest in a mobile site or a mobile app;

either one will get your business ready for mobile. Here’s the difference:

App: A software application that downloads to and resides on a customer’s mobile device.

Downloaded information, like an article or podcast, that can be used later without an Internet connection.

3. Disadvantage:

Updated information, like today’s menu or discount, has to be downloaded and will likely take longer to present than a mobile page.

Mobile site: Your website condensed for the smaller mobile screens. When your regular URL is requested from a smartphone, the mobile site presents automatically with the most important elements and fewer graphics. In other words, form follows function.

4. Advantages:

Most mobile sites cost less than most apps to create, update and maintain, and a mobile site icon looks just like a mobile app icon.5.  Disadvantages: Most mobile sites aren’t as sexy as most mobile apps. And just like your regular website, a mobile site cannot be used unless the device is connected to the Internet.

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