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DJL UK: A Client Success Story

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Want to hear a digital transformation success story? Well, sit tight, and let us tell you about our continuing work with DJL UK.

2015. The year when everyone fought over what colour THAT dress was, Adele’s number one album ‘25’ was released plus man-buns became a trend – what a time to be alive! (Also, side note: it was blue and black, FINAL).

But, additionally in that year, DJL UK, a little known home improvements business, came to us asking for help to expand their new business. So, we provided them with the answer – a digital transformation.

Fast-forward to 2019. With their dynamic website, effective digital marketing strategy,uniquely designed marketing materials and bespoke branding, DJL UK have been able to establish a thriving home improvements company that is continuing to evolve.

A success story? We think so (even if we are a little biased).

Bespoke website and logo design that reflects DJL UK brand.

We have worked closely with DJL UK over the years to help understand them as a business, ensuring we created a brand that was truly reflective of their requirements. But most importantly increased their sales. Therefore, our first step in transforming DJL’s brand awareness was designing their logo.

Something original and bold needed to be conjured up, but that was no problem for our team! A simplistic design and colour scheme were selected to attract customers and easily explain the purpose of the business.

DJL Homepage

With an easily identifiable logo in the bag, we moved onto bespoke website development. Geek designed and created a contemporary, UX responsive, seamless website which is visually-dependant.

Our designers developed the blue, white and grey colour scheme, maintaining consistency throughout the site to amplify its authenticity.

Moreover, the website highlights the core pushes of the company and appeals to their domestic client base. Additionally, we made sure we covered all our clients’ specifications. Tailoring the site to meet their preferences and portray the brand how they envisioned.

Establishing a digital presence to capture audiences

With a new, modern and sleek website – a digital marketing plan was needed! Therefore after identifying the company’s client base and where they wanted to progress – we could generate a strategy which would reach their target audience.

So, our digital marketers got to work. Daily social media management, monthly blogging, extensive SEO work and continuous creation of localised page content. All to rise through the ranks and become noticed.

Consequently, there have been 3 main aspects of our digital marketing plan over the past several years – all working together to generate leads and referrals.

Daily social media posting to build engagement

Three times a day. 5 days a week. We post a range of campaigns styles to retain the attention of existing customers on Facebook. In addition to taking advantage of social sharing.

Wondering what social sharing is? Let us explain. When one existing client of DJL UK likes a post, their friends then see this. If any of these then give it a thumbs up, their friends are visible to the campaign too, and so on, and so on! You get the idea.

Therefore, over the past 4 years, we have made sure to continually post regularly to build awareness and get DJL’s ‘foot in the door’ with multiple clients. A mix of highly visual images to inspire customers, promotion graphics presenting discounts and humorous captions post have meant we have successfully established a brand’s voice to communicate with customers.

DJL Facebook Page

From starting out posting to family and friends, DJL UK’s social media now reaches over 1000 customers and achieves significantly high engagement rates daily – not bad even if we do say ourselves!

Blogs on DJL's Website

Engaging and relevant monthly blogs

Each month, our content writers, draft, publish and design engaging blogs for DJL UK that carry the voice from social media over to the website. Covering a range of topics from ‘6 EASY TO TELL signs it’s time to replace your windows’ to ‘Why should I transform my conservatory? 8 Ideas and uses’.

Informative, as well as visual – blogs, are an essential aspect in retaining clients and ensuring new customers recognise you are active. Nobody wants to see a website that is never refreshed with new content!

Localised SEO Pages to reach the target audiences

DJL UK is based in Peterborough – even though this is a large area and can provide more than enough work, what about those customers that are considering a new composite door only 30 minutes away in Stamford? They’re not going to see your website! Well, that’s where we come in!

Monthly localised pages have allowed DJL UK’s website to appear in local search results. For example, ‘Composite doors in Corby’ and ‘Warm Roofs Stamford’. By adding new location each month, we have further extended the net of potential clients – growing the business.

djl map

Our work doesn’t just stop there!

Oh, no, no, no! Geek Designs also created contemporary off-line marketing materials to promote brand identity further. The off-line marketing visuals ensured branding flows throughout every aspect of DJL, from logo incorporated contracts, on brand folders and vibrant vehicle livery.

Business guidelines were considered throughout the graphic design process, allowing us to capture the brand’s character to develop a memorable offline existence.

Honestly, we’re not bragging…the statistics say it all!

We delivered long-term value to DJL UK by helping them to understand and engage their customers using database insights and smart optimisation frameworks. New and existing clients continue to provide work for the DJL UK team – pretty good results we reckon.

So, overall, we can safely say we have achieved a successful website that has grown and evolved due to the beneficial, bespoke digital marketing strategy we have implemented.

What!? Don’t believe us? Ask DJL UK for yourself!

“Several years ago, we came to Geek designs and instantly, they understood what we wanted! We wanted a thriving business, and we've got it! The whole team has contributed to the success of the company today - from our fantastic website to managing our social media account. We have full trust that Geek Designs knows our business inside out to deliver results continually. A massive thank you Geek Designs - we wouldn't be where we are today without your help!”

Dan WoodsOwner of DJL UK

See what we have done for DJL? We could do the same for you. From humble beginnings to the present day, we will forever grow your business, refresh content and make sure you are reaching customers, and enticing them onto your website.

Contact a Geek today. What’s the harm in dropping us an email or giving us a bell if you’re curious? Hint: there isn’t any!

The Top 5 Digital Marketing Questions We Get Asked!

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Debating whether to start digital marketing? Got some burning questions?

As digital markers, we very much use to questions being thrown at us left, right and centre, and we are always happy to help! But, over our years of experience, we have noticed a few specific questions that continually pop up when discussing digital marketing.

So we thought we would pull back the curtain and reveal some of the behind the scene digital magic. We’ve compiled our top 5 digital marketing questions that we believe should help you if you are thinking of beginning your online branding transformation. (But, before you ask, no not them all! Duh, we can’t give away all our secrets!).

Without much further ado, our top tips just for you!

1. “As a small business, would I really benefit from digital marketing?”

YES! No matter how big or small you are, if you have a business – you need a website. And what does a website need to help it make money? Digital marketing, of course. By branding yourself, you are widening the net of potential customers and amplifying who sees your business.

There are many different aspects of digital marketing – all of which at Geek, we are masters of. From social media marketing, content marketing, SEO and email marketing, paid advertising, the list goes on!

But whatever service you choose, the role of digital marketing is to help get you to be seen among the large crowds online. Whether that is on social media or search engines – marketing builds your brand’s awareness! Through effective digital marketing, you can rise through the ranks of Google and reach the podium of results and attract new leads.

2. “Is email marketing still as effective?”

Do you still receive emails in your inbox? Email marketing may be considered out-dated with other platforms such as social media – but emails are still very much as useful as they always been. If you ponder about it, it could be the most effective!

Think about it – you’re not posting on social media hoping some of your followers will view it, or posting something on your site hoping someone will visit it – you are delivering directly to their inbox. Even if they don’t open, they’ll see your name in the subject line!

3. “Does social media actually help a business?”

Most definitely! It has been proven time and time again, business after business that it does! In fact, not using social media could potentially harm your business. Having an online presence is expected of any company these days.

You can connect with customers; increase awareness about your brand and drive traffic to your website. Social media is no passing trend. In fact, more people follow brands on social media than celebrities! Move over Kim K – businesses are here to break the Internet.

Furthermore, by having an active social media page could lead to social spreading. One person may like your post, then their friend sees this, then their friends, then there’s and so on! See why we say social media is a very effective tool?

4. “What social media should I be using?”

Well, this depends on numerous factors. Starting with, what are your business goals? Are you a B2B or BCB business? The target audience of your business will determine which social media platform you use.

If you are a B2B business, so you wish to be targeting other companies – LinkedIn is the ideal choice for you. On here you can mix with other companies in a similar business sector as yourself. However, if you are looking to target customers, other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are better suited.

If you are a BCB, it is also essential to identify your customer’s persona. Are they a young or old demographic? Are they male or female? All these may seem irrelevant to you, however, to digital markers, these are the ingredients to concoct the perfect marketing plan.

Each social media platform has a different target audience; therefore, by understanding your customer, your marketing will be more successful.

5. “How long does it take to see results with digital marketing?”

Finally, our most commonly asked question…and, to be honest, there’s no definitive answer. But, there’s one thing for sure, digital marketing isn’t a one-time thing. It isn’t overnight. It is ‘in it for long haul’ marketing. Anyone who tells you they can get you fast marketing results is usually up to no good!

Of course, with paid advertising, results can be seen quicker – however, with organic work, it can take anywhere between 3 to 12 months. Plus you’ll gain significant competitive advantages that your rivals can’t beat just by coming along with a bigger budget! You will get your foot in the door, build awareness and achieve meaningful results.

Remember: digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint! You gotta keep on runnin’!

The likely case that if you’re thinking about these questions, you probably need a digital marketing plan creating! So, why not contact a Geek today?

We can help you build a bespoke strategy for your company and help drive traffic to your website.

But, if you have any more digital marketing question – you have to come and visit us for those all those special secrets.

5 Facebook Ads That ACTUALLY Work

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Are you using Facebook Ads, but having no success? Well, your luck is about to turn!

On average Facebook is home to 1.45 billion active daily users – from your teenage students sharing videos of funny dogs to small & large companies building their relationships. However, connecting with them isn’t always easy.

For businesses, posting on Facebook alone is not enough. Sure, you could spend time on your efforts to drive people to your website, but this may not be reaching your correct target audience.

So, let us introduce to you to optimised Facebook Ads.

These ads can help you spend your marketing budget wisely and see a positive impact on your website traffic. You can specifically target those who your business is aimed towards, rather than casting your net out and hoping someone of interest sees it.

But, how does a successful Facebook Ad campaign look? Well, we thought we show you 5 of the best Facebook Ads that actually work. Yes! They truly work! So, go on, take a look…

5 of the best Facebook Ads you should be using:

BOGOF – not literally, by one get one free! – Offer Ads

This form of Facebook Ad allows companies the option to promote a discount on a product or service that can be redeemed on Facebook. The benefits of this? Well, it eliminates one step in the buyer’s journey, which statistically increases sales.

There are multiple benefits to an offer ad. First, it drives users directly to your offer. Secondly, you can reach an audience that you want, as all the targeting options can be set.

Finally, you can include as much or little information as you’d like! From the number of people who have claimed it, the duration and the exact offer amount. The more information will help eliminate any unqualified links, which cost you money (annoying we know!).

Lights, camera, action! – Video Ads.

A MASSIVE 8 BILLION videos are watched on Facebook – so surely it makes sense to create a Facebook Ads which incorporates a video? This form of ad offers more engaging content compared to a static post.

Our top tips in regards to video ads, keep them short and sweet! Even though Facebook allows you to upload a more extended and much larger video, the shorter, the better. People want information instantly, not in 10 minutes.

A perfect example of a successful video Facebook Ad is Allbirds. Their short and simple video correctly advertises their footwear while remaining interesting.

Get creative with Photo Ads

Another form of media advertising on Facebook is a post of an image. This is one of the most popular types of ads ever since Facebook started favouring visual content.

But, it is essential not to get lost among the crowds (when we say crowds, we mean billions of other users who are posting images). Photo Facebook Ads should tell a user what your offer without any confusion. The image can be as bright, colourful as unique as you like, as long catches people’s attention.

Take a look at this photo ad from a company called Monday. They cleverly incorporated Apple’s old colours into their logo – a subtle nod to their services.

But, before we move onto the next ad, we leave you an important reminder! Remember, the optimal size for a Facebook photo ad is 1200×628 pixels – any bigger than that; you will be cropped (dun, dun, dunnnn).

Did you get your invitation? – Event Ads

Events ads promote a specific event. The buttons or ‘call to actions’ on these pages usually send users directly to the ticket purchasing page, generally on the companies website.

By using this form of Facebook Ad you will drive a targeted group of people to attend your event. The ad will show up in the News Feed of the specific audience you’ve chosen, enticing them to attend. Getting people to events and those bums on seats can be tricky. But, by promoting your event to a targeted audience on Facebook can grab the attention of the right attendees.

For a successful events ad, make sure to include the perks of attending, the price, dated and a clear call to action (button) to purchase a ticket.

Finally (but our favourite) is the Multi-product Ad

How does showcasing several of your products within one ad sound? Perfect right! Well, you can achieve just that with a multi-product Facebook ad. Users can scroll through the images and click on individual links to each product – providing them with an interactive ad. You can promote multiple of anything, blogs, services, anything you do!

Here at Geek, our favourite multi-product Facebook ads are ones in which tell a story. This can be seen in the example below. Each ‘section’ acts as a step-by-step guide on how to curl your hair. A bright idea if you ask us!

Not to brag, but here at Geek Designs, we specialise in social media marketing. So, if you’d like to integrate Facebook Ads into your digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us. While you’re busy providing the services and making existing customers happy, we can get new and potential customers to you. Yes, we are that good!

10 Don’ts of Social Media (infographic)

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Social media can benefit your business, but first, you’ll need to stop doing these 10 things. 

You’re always seeing ‘tips’ on how to better your social media, but what about the tips on not what to do? Geek Designs have listed the most common mistakes made by companies on their social media; These mistakes can lead to social failure, damaging your reputation and costing you time and money.

If you are planning to start up Facebook, LinkedIn or any other popular social application it’s more than important to read this infographic. We want to help people make their businesses the best they can be and social media can help with this.

Therefore, here are 10 of the most important DON’Ts to remember when using social media.

Well, these are 10 social media don’ts that you’ll need to remember throughout your social venture. They can be easily forgotten so make sure you plan!

Need help utilising your social media for your business? Do you need help with social media management? Get in touch today to speak with our marketers:

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