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Our Process


and Discovery

We research your project and make sure that we are on the same page as you. Everything clear? Great! We move forward with the design. A designated User Interface Specialist will work on basic functionality as well as giving you full control of your website to help you make vital changes and gain an edge in your current marketplace.


and Development

Our talented team of designers will gather high-resolution images, unique fonts, and icons that are custom tailored to your specific industry. After the concept design is approved, it's time to let our designers tie all the pieces together. All onsite SEO is implemented to give your website every chance of being found by Google.


We test your website across all major browsers for speed and scale. This will enable us to ensure that your website can support a massive surge of traffic without compromising the user experience.

Our company branding will give your business a unique, consistent and appropriate

brand that shows both the suitable

personality and professionalism.

Here at Geek Designs we understand that your company branding is essentially the face of your business. We also understand that consistency is key, so from the logo, through the website all the way to the pens and mugs- they all need to be consistent.

We work with local businesses around the Peterborough area to ensure their branding is the best it can be, whether it is a new business that needs a brand created or an existing business that needs a complete rebranding, we can cater for all of your requirements.


We begin each process with an initial meeting to decipher what direction the business wants to go in and what will benefit the business. We also begin the process with some research into your business industry to create a list of factors that we take into consideration when the process commences. Understanding your business is a vital factor we take into consideration to create the best and most effective outcome.


The design team then use their knowledge and begin to put together a design that is appropriate to your business, portrays the personality and professionalism that is appropriate to your business and something that is unique and timeless for your business.


We never work to the latest “fashions” because fashion is temporary. We work to what is going to benefit and work for your business, although we do watch the latest trends, they don’t influence our work drastically. Our team strive to communicate the ideals and ethos of the business they are working with, the only trend we like to follow is “effective simplicity” this is a timeless trend.


Once the design is ready to launch we always advise you on how to apply your new branding throughout both print and digital aspects, so that your business is unquestionably your business.

Test & Deliver





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