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Do Wild Animals Visit Your Website?

Whether you think your website attracts wild animals or not the truth is that wild animals will often visit your website. This is because visitors to your website will behave like wild animals, like a hungry lion searching for his next meal the visitor to your website is hunting for information or a product to buy from your website.

Think of how a lion sniffs a scent trail before quickly deciding if the trail will lead him to a good meal and if the meal will be easy to find and easier to catch. A visitor to your website will do the same thing; they will come to your website and quickly decide if your website can give them what they are looking for and if they will be able to find it easy.

If the lion is hungry for that food then it will not want to waste time trying to catch a meal, but it will want it quickly. Again, the visitor to your website is exactly the same, they are hungry for the information or they want to purchase your product quickly. They won’t want to spend ages looking around, but instead find what they want quickly and easily.

Just like a lion will make a fast decision whether to follow a scent trail to their meal or try another scent route the visitor to your website will do the same. The visitor to your website will very quickly decide if your website is useful or not and they can find what they are looking for quickly. If your website looks complicated or the website content is unclear then the visitor to your website will just go somewhere else instead, following another scent trail to another website, your competitor’s website.

You need to make sure that your website content is clear and concise, the website needs to be well laid out and it needs to give visitors to your website the information they need. They need to know from the landing page that they are in the right place or they will just go somewhere else.

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