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Does you Social Media have an impact on your ranking?​

When you communicate and interact on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn the activity is received and noticed by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, they create noise for the website and the platforms also get indexed.

A brand that is frequently mentioned through conversations can have an impact on rankings, yes. The higher the mentions and interaction the better chances of your business being seen.

Social sharing drives traffic to websites

Posting links to quality content can harvest positive and effective interaction (shares, likes and comments).

I.e. one of your followers acknowledges one of your tweets about a your recent blog on Twitter and views a link to a blog, the blog is very helpful and resolves any issues or they find it share-worthy, they will then proceeded to retweet or quote passing on the link to their following- hopefully resulting in some form on conversion for you!

Engaging with potential clients via social media helps keep your brand top of mind. Your social media generates “noise” as such for your website, always linking and driving them back to you website and it’s done organically!

Social media allows you to defy the formal marketing connotations all business’ seem to adhere to, the beauty of social media is that you can experiment with your posts making them exciting and endearing with pictures, videos, info graphs, gifs and anything else you may desire to make them as appealing as possible but also relevant to the brand and business persona. You potential clients will appreciate it.

TOP TIP: Regularly share link to website content on appropriate social media sites. Some platforms such as LinkedIn lend themselves to posting long-form content directly.

Social media profiles rank in search engines

f you type in the name of a business in a search engine more often than not their social media will show up along with their website.

If a company is ranking both their website and social media accounts then it will take up valuable “real estate” at the top of the SERP’s (search engine results page). This can help businesses beat our potential competitors in terms of visibility and becoming noticed.

TOP TIP: Make sure all pertinent social profiles are active and consistently engaging with your audience. What’s most important is targeting the platform that resonates the most with your potential audience (if you are unsure of which is best it can be researched with specific research tools).

Capturing external links is easier with social media

External links and the authority of the websites doing the linking comprise are said to be one of the most important factors for achieving high rankings in Google.

You can use social media platforms to share and promote your content, this then increases the likelihood of other websites referring and linking back to it.

The more external links your get for your website the more your credibility will shine through.

TOP TIP: Craft high-quality content to post on social media. People are more likely to link to content they want to read and share themselves.

Social media boosts brand awareness

Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users during the 2nd quarter of 2016 and Twitter had 317 million month active users-if that isn’t enough opportunity to increase your brand awareness then I don’t know what is!

Just tweeting and writing Facebook status’ everyday will make the noise for your website and also the more you tweet and post to Facebook the more opportunity there is for someone to find what you’re posting and like it or find it relevant.

TOP TIP: Consistently engage with social audience by asking questions, provoke your audience, start discussions and comment on new news and trends.

Local SEO replies on social medi​a

Google, Ipsos Media and Purchased reported 80% of smartphone users perform mobile searches to find business near them. In short, geography plays a major role in user experience and search engines are now paying massive attention to this.

Social websites such as Yelp make it simple for businesses to leverage locality. These sites offer an opportunity to show geographic placement and provide an arena for customers to discuss the business. The more people review or engage with your business online, the more likely it is search engines will take notice and incorporate you into local SERPs.

TOP TIP: Ensure the geographic information for your business matches across all platforms and websites. Differences in address, phone number or other information could lead to a lower SERP ranking.

So when it comes to underestimating and pushing our social media accounts to one side, just consider them one more time and post away, because you never know your next big customer or opportunity could be waiting on your next tweet.​

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