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There are A LOT of things to consider when setting up an online business, especially if that business is to take payments and send orders to customers. So what e-commerce mistakes should you avoid?

Customers expect more from an online shop than they do information and brochure sites. If anything people look for authority, trust and easy navigation. But, there are 8 e-commerce mistakes that most online shops make that can drive their shoppers crazy (in a wrong way).

We’re sharing some key e-commerce fails that you’ll need to avoid to keep your customers happy and earn you more sales in the long run.

These are only 8 e-commerce mistakes, but they’re some of the most important to remember. We can easily miss these mistakes, but you won’t get anywhere without correcting them.

However, just remember if you’re a new online shop, it will take time to get found on Google, so while you wait you should seek a marketing strategy. Marketing is a commitment, but it guarantees a faster way to get awareness from potential customers.

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