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Are you using Facebook Ads, but having no success? Well, your luck is about to turn!

On average Facebook is home to 1.45 billion active daily users – from your teenage students sharing videos of funny dogs to small & large companies building their relationships. However, connecting with them isn’t always easy.

For businesses, posting on Facebook alone is not enough. Sure, you could spend time on your efforts to drive people to your website, but this may not be reaching your correct target audience.

So, let us introduce to you to optimised Facebook Ads.

These ads can help you spend your marketing budget wisely and see a positive impact on your website traffic. You can specifically target those who your business is aimed towards, rather than casting your net out and hoping someone of interest sees it.

But, how does a successful Facebook Ad campaign look? Well, we thought we show you 5 of the best Facebook Ads that actually work. Yes! They truly work! So, go on, take a look…

5 of the best Facebook Ads you should be using:

BOGOF – not literally, by one get one free! – Offer Ads

This form of Facebook Ad allows companies the option to promote a discount on a product or service that can be redeemed on Facebook. The benefits of this? Well, it eliminates one step in the buyer’s journey, which statistically increases sales.

There are multiple benefits to an offer ad. First, it drives users directly to your offer. Secondly, you can reach an audience that you want, as all the targeting options can be set.

Finally, you can include as much or little information as you’d like! From the number of people who have claimed it, the duration and the exact offer amount. The more information will help eliminate any unqualified links, which cost you money (annoying we know!).

Lights, camera, action! – Video Ads.

A MASSIVE 8 BILLION videos are watched on Facebook – so surely it makes sense to create a Facebook Ads which incorporates a video? This form of ad offers more engaging content compared to a static post.

Our top tips in regards to video ads, keep them short and sweet! Even though Facebook allows you to upload a more extended and much larger video, the shorter, the better. People want information instantly, not in 10 minutes.

A perfect example of a successful video Facebook Ad is Allbirds. Their short and simple video correctly advertises their footwear while remaining interesting.

Get creative with Photo Ads

Another form of media advertising on Facebook is a post of an image. This is one of the most popular types of ads ever since Facebook started favouring visual content.

But, it is essential not to get lost among the crowds (when we say crowds, we mean billions of other users who are posting images). Photo Facebook Ads should tell a user what your offer without any confusion. The image can be as bright, colourful as unique as you like, as long catches people’s attention.

Take a look at this photo ad from a company called Monday. They cleverly incorporated Apple’s old colours into their logo – a subtle nod to their services.

But, before we move onto the next ad, we leave you an important reminder! Remember, the optimal size for a Facebook photo ad is 1200×628 pixels – any bigger than that; you will be cropped (dun, dun, dunnnn).

Did you get your invitation? – Event Ads

Events ads promote a specific event. The buttons or ‘call to actions’ on these pages usually send users directly to the ticket purchasing page, generally on the companies website.

By using this form of Facebook Ad you will drive a targeted group of people to attend your event. The ad will show up in the News Feed of the specific audience you’ve chosen, enticing them to attend. Getting people to events and those bums on seats can be tricky. But, by promoting your event to a targeted audience on Facebook can grab the attention of the right attendees.

For a successful events ad, make sure to include the perks of attending, the price, dated and a clear call to action (button) to purchase a ticket.

Finally (but our favourite) is the Multi-product Ad

How does showcasing several of your products within one ad sound? Perfect right! Well, you can achieve just that with a multi-product Facebook ad. Users can scroll through the images and click on individual links to each product – providing them with an interactive ad. You can promote multiple of anything, blogs, services, anything you do!

Here at Geek, our favourite multi-product Facebook ads are ones in which tell a story. This can be seen in the example below. Each ‘section’ acts as a step-by-step guide on how to curl your hair. A bright idea if you ask us!

Not to brag, but here at Geek Designs, we specialise in social media marketing. So, if you’d like to integrate Facebook Ads into your digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us. While you’re busy providing the services and making existing customers happy, we can get new and potential customers to you. Yes, we are that good!

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