Five violations that will cause Google to penalize your website

Five violations that will cause Google to penalize your website

As a business owner with an online presence, there are many paths that can be taken to achieve a highly ranked, regularly visited website. From SEO to pay-per-click and content marketing to social media marketing, your goals can be achieved. You may acquire the confidence, time and persistence to manage these options yourself. However, with the number of rules that come with such, your website risks losing traffic, drastic plummeting in rankings and could have a negative impact on its performance. Choosing a professional marketing team to manage your website’s SEO, social media marketing and content marketing ensures that your website won’t be caught out. Taking marketing in your own hands opposed to using a team of experts could be the difference between a highly ranked website and a website that has drastically lost its ranking overnight due to failing to comply with Google’s rules.


Google wants the best for all website users. Its guidelines demand that it gives its users access to authentic information, unique content and the finest of writers. It continuously updates and improves its algorithm, ensuring that the best of the web receives the exposure it deserves. However, a significant factor of Google’s guidelines involve preventing any website or brand from cheating their way to the top. If you are brave enough to maintain your own marketing, we have devised together a series of clues showing whether you’ve earned a penalty, a list of reasons that you may receive a penalty and a bill of methods for dealing with having a penalty.


Recognizing a penalty


Having received a manual penalty, you should be told. However, if your penalty is given due to an algorithmic change, you may be taken by surprise. For algorithmic penalties, a list of clues has been strung together.


  • Your website is no longer ranking well for your brand name – typing your main keyword into Google should bring up your website, however this won’t happen with a penalty-given site
  • Slipping back to page two or three without any action, having maintained a position on page one
  • The website you’ve owned has been removed from Google’s cached search results overnight
  • Having ran a sit search, no results have been yielded
  • Once your site has eventually been found in Google, it’s for a page on your site rather than your homepage


Having one or more of these factors could mean that your website has been penalised, and therefore has had a massive impact on your site.


Ways websites get in trouble


Black hat SEO


It’s as sneaky as it sounds. It includes the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engines. Involved in Black Hat SEO are shady practises such as cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden text, using link farms and more. Black Hat SEO practises typically attempt to dodge Google’s rules, achieving results in half the time. Sound good? Not after you’re caught out. When it comes to SEO, there are no shortcuts – any practise that attempts to take any kind of shortcut will rightly be in trouble.


Black hat SEO is frequently used by those looking to discover a quick, financial return on their website. However the consequences are severe, in which many websites have been banned from search engines. If you’re unsure on how to achieve SEO benefits, don’t attempt troublesome methods in desperation. Contact a professional marketing team – they acquire the knowledge and skills to boost your online presence without any shady approaches. However, be sure to choose a reputable company such as ours.


Duplicate Content


Writing about the same product or service over and over might seem tedious, however Google states that duplicate content is low quality or involves less useful information for users. Providing content for an e-commerce site or a website showcasing its company’s services proves difficult, in which many products or services must be written separately to comply with Google’s rules.


Using an expert company can relieve you of this pressure. Professional content marketers will have the time and knowledge to provide an abundance of content for your pages, to the highest of standards – it’s their job to! A marketing team is an asset to your company; not only will it be more likely that you comply with Google’s rules, but also the content on your website will be professionally written and appealing to potential customers.


Excessive guest blogging


Guest blogging is great. You’re able to build relationships up with other bloggers, add value to their blogs and of course, when your link is shown in other people’s blogs, your SEO is improved. When your blog page is linked into other blogs, it is called back linking. It makes your content easier to find via Google and other search engines, whilst allowing you to connect with new people who might be able to benefit you. However, having an article published across many different sites, or guest posting low-quality content is considered a violation of Google’s distributor guidelines. Taking advantage of guest posting and abusing it in order to gain links should be avoided. The posts that you guest blog must be your best work. Post content that might be seen as spam, or not useful, Google will catch up with you.


A professional content writer is useful in these situations. Being specialists in the field, content marketers can produce blogs of a high standard. It shouldn’t be difficult to choose a high quality blog to guest blog, if a professional writes it.


Slow page speed/poorly performing site


Maintaining a website that isn’t mobile friendly, is slow and is difficult to navigate breaches Google’s rules. Google frequently crawls websites, accounting for how functional and accessible they are. Having a slow website that cannot be navigated, neither used on other devices such as mobiles or tablets shows Google that it isn’t a good website for users to visit. In this advancing techno world, two thirds of people own a smartphone and use it to browse the Internet. According to stats, 33% of Internet users view their smartphone as the most important device for going online – as opposed to using laptops. With the mass of individuals using phones, companies must up their game. With a website that doesn’t suit your visitors, why would Google maintain your rank?


The web is a constantly changing place. To constantly suit your audience, you must adapt. However, you might not acquire the tools, knowledge or time to keep your website up-to-date. A web design team does. If you use a quality company, your website will be constituted on the most up-to-date platform. Professionals can ensure that your website is quick, easy to navigate and mobile friendly. It will also provide your company with an authentic and professional feel. Specialists are also aware of changes in Google’s algorithm, making any updates to your website when necessary.


Hacked websites


Security is a big factor for Google – and rightly so. Google is protecting user information on websites that they visit, ensuring that it is kept secure. In the past year, up to 32% of websites have been hacked. Without taking security steps for your website, you could be risking being a part of this percentage. Failure to take such steps can pose a significant threat to your website’s performance and success, as well as the security of users. Avoid receiving a penalty from Google and putting your potential customers at risk by simply implanting authentication.


How to deal with a penalty


  • Don’t panic!
  • Disavow troublesome links
  • Get some links removed
  • Request reconsideration – if your penalty was manual
  • Wait it out. Google takes a while to act on your changes and disavow requests, and it may take a while for your site to be re-crawled


If you are yet to receive a penalty, keep it that way by following our tips. Perhaps, you’d like to invest in a professional team to relieve the pressure that you might be put under having realised the many ways that you could be in trouble. Remember: no keyword stuffing, content duplicating, excessive guest blogging, and always ensure that your website is quick, mobile friendly and secure from hackers.

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