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If you’re tired of hearing promises and receiving no customers, then you’ve come to the right blog.

The thing is, the Internet is full of false hope disguised as good negotiation. Business owners have the all-important job to ensure that they fall for the right proposal.

Geek Designs often hear scary stories from new clients about how they spent thousands yet received no return on investment. Each customer was promised sales leads; however, the ones they did attain weren’t relevant or converting.

Well, let us tell you something honest.

Getting more traffic to your website will take time; however, sometimes it won’t (for the lucky ones). Everything is up to how persistent you are and how much you are willing to trust your marketing team.

Should I use a digital marketer?

The real question is, do you want to hand the responsibility to a professional or do you believe that you can get results?

Digital marketers understand how to optimise campaigns effectively and use organic SEO to your advantage. Quite often you’ll find ‘top tips’ on doing this yourself, but without a strategy, what’s the point?

Professionals can also put together a marketing plan that is unique to your business and goals. These plans detail exactly what they’ll do and what it will achieve, all with realistic figures.

So, before I bore you, here are some REAL ways to get traffic heading to your website:


Organic SEO, the one thing most people will question with ‘is it worth it?’ Hell yeah, it is.

This type of SEO is mostly free. Unlike paid SEO which charges you every time someone clicks the link to your website, organic SEO requires a one-off payment each month for many website visitors.

Local SEO is in that category.

Nearly 1/3 of all Google searches feature ‘near me’ or a set location. If you’re looking for customers that are local to you, well, you’ll need this SEO on your website.

Digital marketers set up localise pages that rank under a particular location, therefore when someone searches for ‘pubs to escape the Mrs near me’ then your pub businesses will appear in the search results.

Post HELPFUL and ENGAGING blogs.

When we say put together blogs for your site, we don’t mean that a home improvements company should be telling their customers how they manufacture a wooden door. Instead, tell them why they should buy that wooden door.

Funny, emotional, surprising and useful blogs will get people heading to your website.

When you post about a new blog that you’ve got on your site, you’ve got to give a reason why they should.

Time is expensive; people will click onto your blog and bounce right off if they find it boring or irrelevant.

Do you find yourself often reading blogs? Admittedly, most of us will only pay attention to the interesting ones. We all like blogs that show failure, victories and information that provide us with ‘life hacks.’

Each industry is different, that’s why you’ll need to research competitors and put together a plan. Bullet point blog topic and see what your peers think.

Love it or hate it – Social Media.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn the lot. As a population, we either love using them or don’t. However, each business WILL benefit if they use the right channels.

Once you have a polished website up and running, then you can get sharing it to social media.

However, make sure you’re targeting the right visitors. Posting your website on the Facebook giant predominantly focuses on your homeowners and full-time mummies.

LinkedIn will open your website doors to professionals, making it a highly useful platform for B2B. Are you a creative industry? Get yourself on Instagram and Pinterest now!

Market your emails to existing and even potential customers.

I won’t lie; email marketing can be a right pain. However, despite its tendency to annoy people it has a high conversion rate– if you do it right.

Creating bespoke, eye-catching email designs will capture your customer’s attention. So while you’re at it, stick a link to your website on the email to show them where the beautiful email came from.

Digital marketers quite often take care of all the design work for you, all they’ll need is your preferences and your approval.

Email marketing is a direct form of marketing, it comes as close as waving your product in their face and demanding money (but much more subtle).

Use these tips and you will get more traffic to your website.

Trust me, I didn’t spend all this time writing a blog for nothing, these 4 pointers will work and maybe not today, but in 3 months time, oh definitely.

Geek has a marketing team at hand that can answer your queries regarding website traffic.

However we won’t tell you all the secrets to get website traffic or what would we be?

We can put together a free marketing plan for you. We have the questions, you’ll just need to ring us or email us to answer them.

But you can also try these 4 tips yourself. It’ll take experimentation and determination (not trying to sound to inspirational) to get results, but it’ll be worth the work.

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