Google Says You Need To Be Mobile Friendly

Google Says You Need To Be Mobile Friendly

There are over 200 points included in the algorithms used by Google to decide which websites and businesses should ranker higher on the Google search engine. However experts feel there are 20 that are more important than others and your website being mobile friendly features highly in this top 20.


People use the term ‘mobile friendly’ to describe a website which provides users of mobile devices visiting your website, receiving a great user experience. Over the years mobile devices have been able to do so much than just making and receiving phone calls. Due to the rapid rise in people accessing websites from mobile devices Google decided that making ‘mobile friendly’ a point on the Google algorithm checklist would be a good idea and it would help improve the user experience of Google.


Every year more and more users are spending more and more time on their mobile devices, searching for answers to their questions on search engines like Google. However many websites are still not supporting the high amount of mobile device users, the different screen sizes and slower connections.


Web designers like the team here at Geek Designs are looking at the design of the website for mobile devices, the structure of the site and the speed of the page to create a mobile friendly website that ensures mobile device visitors to the website are being properly catered for.


If you’re not sure if you have a mobile friendly website then you can use the Google Mobile-Friendliness tool, all you need to do is enter your website url and the tool will give you a straight yes or no answer to confirm if your website is mobile friendly or not, you will then be given a guide and tips on how you can improve your website to make it a mobile friendly website.


Remember your website will be looked at via numerous mobile devices and each one if different, you can’t just make it suitable for one screen size or mobile device.

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