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Have you got Writer’s block? Not after this blog!​​

It’s something writers have been suffering from for a very long time. You aren’t alone; the likes of Shakespeare, King, Dickens and many more have all been victim to the block us writers are all so familiar with… Writers block.

Creativity can easily fall by the wayside when the dreaded writers block greets us. Whether you’re a brilliant blog writer, a creative content writer or social media savvy you have probably been affected by writers block.

How do we all deal with this?

Writers block is like having one of those itches you just cant seem to locate and it’s really hard to get rid of, however there are ways of getting rid of writers block- if you have ever experienced writers block then you will have probably have found a way to overcome it, but for those still trawling the internet to find some sort of saving grace, you’re in the right place. When you work in the creative industry, writer’s block is kind of an itch you could do without and here is how I deal with mine.

1)  Exercise your brain

This is probably the most exercise I do. Just by making your brain endure some cognitive activities will provoke your brain muscles to get moving. If you’re struggling to produce some content, don’t slave over it all night and result in producing something forced; leave it, go and complete cognitive activities and then go back to it! You’ll find you feel rejuvenated and the creative juices are flowing.​

Some cognitive activities you could get your brain involved in are:

  • Reading
  • Playing an instrument
  • Learning a skill or language
  • Exercise
  • Cooking or baking
  • Getting outside and away from your computer

2)  Listen to some music

This is my favourite. Listening to music can be such a good and exciting escape, whether you lie on your bed and listen to something soothing or you’re dancing and running around the place acting like you’re in a music video/ performing in a concert, it can completely clear your mind. For that moment you are not stuck in the painful situation of typing and then deleting everything you write down, you are with the music.​

The best music for concentration is:

  • Classical music
  • Deep House music
  • Ambient noise
  • Anything without lyrics (as lyrics are very distracting)

3)  Don’t put pressure on yourself

We all have deadlines and hand overtimes, but expectations are one of the reasons we rush and force content to be written that maybe should be thought about a little more. Giving yourself the stress to complete something as soon as possible is a) unfair and b) unrealistic- don’t get me wrong I’m not saying throw all deadlines out the window. I am saying utilise your timeframe to the best of your ability, make sure you allow for planning and research time, for mistakes, for your timeouts, always double and triple check but don’t rush to get it done. You’ll produce a much better outcome when you utilise your time frame to the best of your ability.

4)  Take short breaks

Like way back when we had to study, interval studying is recommended (20 minutes on, 5 minutes off), by letting your brain relax just for those 5 minutes will allow you to restore you train of thought and reflect, get up and make a good old cup of tea or walk around, if you have a darts board like we do throw a few darts; you’ll feel much better for it and your content creation will appreciate it.

Whether you choose to try all of my recommendations or only one, I hope this helps. Other ways you can relax is by the beauty of an app store, head over to your app store and have a look at some relaxing apps that will seriously help!

One of my favourite apps and the app that I use the most is called Headspace. Headspace is an app that allows you to “take ten” and restore mindfulness and install relaxation. Perfect for when the writing block starts to take it toll.

If you really want to push yourself and you feel the best way for you to create amazing content is to be put under pressure, try The Most Dangerous Writing App- this app deletes all content if you stop writing for more than 5 seconds, so if you really want to push yourself, try this somewhat sadistic and merciless app- you never know it may or may not just help!

I am always looking for new ways to work on writers block and if you are too then I hope this blog helped! Let’s #stoptheblock

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