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How Important Is The ‘About Us’ Page For A Website?

The ‘About Us’ page is one of the most popular pages on many business websites. Visitors get to your site on the landing page and if they want to learn more about who you are and where you have come from they may go on to look at the About Us page, but do they expect to see on this page of your website?

When a visitor goes to your ‘About Us’ page they’re on a fact-finding mission. They want to find out more about you, your story and how your company is made up. People that visit you’re ‘about us’ page want to learn a lot more about you and your business.

This page is an excellent place to give your visitors a real taste of how you are and what your company can offer them. This page is where you can give your visitors the impression that you are a company that can be trusted and that you are a company that they want to work with.

What questions should your About Us page cover?

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why Should They Choose You?
  3. What Do You Do?
  4. When Did You Start?
  5. How Do You Do What You Do?

However, to make a great about us page it’s not just about answering those questions it’s also about how you do it. You need to explain what your business does in a way that is easy to understand, it may be wise to get someone outside of your company to read the content to make sure they understand it. The biggest mistake some companies make is creating their content in a way that is too techy so the everyday customer can’t understand it.

You need to have photos of your products or services on the About Us page, this helps to show you are a legitimate company and it’s another place to show off the products you have available to the visitor. The content on this page needs to be ‘human’; the visitor needs to be able to relate to it. The content needs to be engaging and interesting. This is where the visitor gets to ‘meet’ the real you.

It is recommended that the ‘About Us’ page is easy to find from the homepage as it is likely to be one of the most popular pages on your website. However, most importantly, you need to have a Call to Action on your homepage. The visitor is likely to have seen what they already want to purchase so when they find out more about you they will fall in love with you and want to buy from you. By having a clear call to action available they will be able to contact you immediately.

By following these top tips you are well on your way to having an ‘About Us’ page that is out of this world!

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