How to create an engaging Facebook page

With the mass of users and number of times products or services are searched, Facebook represents a huge potential market for social media efforts. Being populated with almost 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is possibly the biggest social networking platform in the world. Many of these users will browse the platform to find services or products that they may require. Do you have a business page on Facebook? You should. You’re missing out on an abundance of traffic without one.

If a user lands on a page that hasn’t been updated in months or has an irrelevant profile picture, they are less likely to stay. A page with engaging and persuasive posts, however, won’t lose potential customers and will be chosen over its competition. Out of Facebook’s 2 billion users, at least one person will visit your page. Make your page the most appealing, up-to-date page that it can be for your potential customers. As more businesses use Facebook, competition rises. Your page needs to outdo its competition – which can be achieved by following our advice. Are you too busy to update your social media? Don’t leave it. Use a professional marketing team; hand over the responsibility to an expert who has the ability and tools to maximise your followers.

If you would like to give social media a go, follow our tips. However, if you’re still struggling or cannot find the time, consider choosing a marketing team. It’s their job to handle social media.

Don’t create a personal profile for your business

The list of faults associated with creating a personal profile as opposed to a page is endless, in terms of business. Without a business page, you’re missing out on all content creation tools, paid promotional opportunities and analytics and insights that come with a Facebook Business Page. Even worse, a profile page requires potential customers to send a friend request for most interaction. Feeling wrong and unprofessional, friend requests add a difficulty that isn’t needed. In the time that a potential customer sends a friend request and is accepted, they will have chosen your competition.

Without a Facebook page, you can’t measure your success and failure. Ways of measuring your success and failure are needed to determine your next steps.

Add a recognisable profile picture

Your business’s profile picture on Facebook could be a determining factor of whether users view your page. Maybe you do not have one, or perhaps it’s unprofessional – if so, users will choose your competition. For instance, search ‘hairdressers’ on Facebook. A number of sellers will be brought up. Imagine that you’re in a rush, and glance at the first two. One thumbnail is a logo, another is a blurry, old photo of a hairdressers. Which one would you choose? It’s almost as though your potential customers are looking at your business through a shop window, before they determine whether they would like to go inside. Your company’s profile picture is a shop window – it must be appealing for Facebook browsers to click into it.

Choose wisely. Your profile picture is shown in search results, pictured at the top of your Facebook page and its thumbnail image gets displayed next to your posts in people’s feeds. When choosing, remember that Facebook frequently changes its picture dimensions. As of publication, your profiles picture displays at 170×170 pixels on computers and 128×128 on smartphones.

Add a call-to-action

A Godsend feature for hopeful businesses, Facebook’s call-to-action button is a great way for marketers to drive more traffic to their website. But what is a call-to-action button? Many great Facebook pages have links that might say ‘Book Now’, ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Watch Video’. Each can be customised with a destination URL or a piece of content of their choosing, directing potential customers to their website or content.

In this techno world, people like easy. People do not like to spend a long time searching. Links such as ‘Book Now’ at the top of your Facebook page are especially important; instead of wasting time searching for a way of contacting the company, your potential customer can simply click such a link and be directed straight to it.

Post photos and videos

Today, visual content is a must for online presence – particularly for social media channels. Statistics can prove this. According to figures, it is 40 times more likely that photos or videos will be shared or engaged with on social media than any other types of content. People enjoy imagery. For many people, only seeing typed content can feel quite mundane. A Facebook user scrolling through their newsfeed is much more likely to miss a post that isn’t complimented with an image – I know I have. Images capture your audience’s attention, and are also interesting for your followers to see.

While photos are a wonderful way of capturing moments – and are captivating stimulants for those scrolling through their newsfeed or your page, videos are also an important factor of social media. Studies report videos as the ‘main disruptor’, with 24% of marketers naming it as a top priority. At the top of many great businesses pages is a button that says ‘Watch video.’ ‘Watch video’ is an intriguing call-to-action that Facebook allows brands to add to their pages. It is becoming one of the most popular ways to consume content.

Determine the ideal timing and frequency for your posts

The times in which you decide to post and how frequently you do so plays a significant role in your engagement. Failing to post enough will leave your page looking less reliable and less authentic. Post too often, however, and people will get sick of having their feeds flooded with your content. Having thought out a well-written post, you don’t want to risk falling to the bottom of the timeline without many people to read it. Web designers like us are aware of when, what and how frequently to post – a reason that using professionals is strongly advised.

Using professionals is also particularly helpful if you do not have time. Social media requires much of your time and effort – with professionals, your Facebook will be endorsed with compelling posts that all of your followers will see.

Does your Facebook page follow our guide? If the answer is no, we can help. Whether you’re struggling to find the time to generate posts, or aren’t receiving the gratuity that you deserve on Facebook – a professional team is recommended. Social media is an important marketing tool for your business – use it wisely.

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