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How To Get The Best Out Of Your ‘Contact Us’ Page​

Every website should have a contact us page, but what should you have on the contact us page of your website, what is the visitor to your website expecting to see on your contact us page?

Firstly you need to have a complete and physical address, this puts the visitors mind at rest that you are ‘real’ and you’re not a scam company that is here today and gone tomorrow. A full and complete address on your website makes the visitor to your site think you are legitimate.

Your contact page is also a great place for showing how contactable you are, include the basics such as email, phone and address but include Skype details, fax numbers and even links to social media. However, only include the links to social media if you are using them – there is no point sending a potential client to a social media page that was last updated 6 months ago.

When you put email addresses and social media links on the contact us page make sure they are clickable links to make the experience easier for the client, if you’re worried about sales people harvesting the email addresses with bots the opt for an email form instead and don’t put your email address down on the page at all.

If your place of business is somewhere that the visitor to your website wants to come to then make sure you have an interactive map on the contact us page so they can easily see how to get to you from where they are. It’s a good idea to write some directions too, from local main roads or areas. Maybe put a photo of your office onto the page as well so the visitor can find it even easier.

Being helpful is a really great way of building up a relationship with the visitor to your website so give them everything they might possibly need on your contact us page and set it out in an easy and simple way to use.

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