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How to power your blog with the purpose to get better marketing results​

Have you got a website and feel like your blog isn’t serving your website much purpose? This blog will help you gain more of an understanding about making your blogs serve more purpose.

What’s really going on with your blog right now? Truthfully. Are you posting once a month? Twice? Do you forget? Don’t worry we all do it. Your blog may just be sat there, untouched, collating digital cobwebs, craving up to date and new content that attracts, engages and converts your website visitors into prospective and possibly paying customers.

If you aren’t a routine blogger and your blog is sat there redundantly then this blog will (hopefully) provoke a sense of urgency and motivation! Sometimes we forget or our busy lives take away from our means to complete things, like writing a blog post!

The point that you will notice me stress is that the information and tips for successful content marketing is severely limited (thanks Google), we do what we can and what we know is right. It would be ideal if we could wave a wand and have perfectly performing content marketing with even better conversion rates, but unfortunately it is a much harder game that we are all playing.

Is your blog killing your results?

If you power your blog with purpose your marketing results will be a lot more effective and positive.

But, why are you blogs, or lack of blogs killing your results?

Blogging one of the most powerful ways to generate new traffic, leads and customers to your website. The more you blog and put into your website, essentially the more you will get out. Displaying your blogs in a way that is pleasing to the eye, producing exceptional content and letting your target audience aware of your latest blogs and when they have landed are just some of the ways that you can improve your blogging.

The power of social media and e-mailing marketing for blogs is something that we all need to utilise more, simply e-mail your contact list alerting them that your blog has landed, tweeting or using any other social networking platform is always a good idea as the traffic you receive off of that one post could turn into one sale… image the potential conversion your business could receive if you were blogging twice or three times a month and alerting all of your customers when you did!

An exciting and motivating point that has probably got you thinking that you need to invest more time into your blog, right?

We all want our businesses to do well and with online presence being such a major factor into our success we want to do it right, we want to work to do the best we can. The online market is tough, but that’s where your social media, your blogs, your e-mails, your content marketing comes into play. If we just sit back and wait for our website to bring in the business without putting anything back into it then we are all living in a fantasy world.

Google have their requirements and although our knowledge is limited, they have made the game a little easier for us players by letting us know what they appreciate and advise that the more we update our websites the more recognition we will receive from Google.

You have to commit and invest!

If your blog ticks the following points and you’re sat there thinking to yourself you should probably be investing a little more time and effort into your naked, untouched blog then call one of the team and find out how we can help you get your blog up and running and working within the favour of your business!

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