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How To Prepare Your Social Media Strategy For 2018

By January 1, 2018 October 4th, 2018 No Comments

Social media is a highly significant factor in digital marketing, without the considerable domains like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram many businesses would struggle to promote their trade to customers. It is critical to carefully plan a social media strategy before you go to publish a campaign – this is because you need the correct SEO and aesthetics to allow Facebook to distribute your content effectively. Facebook’s algorithm known as Edge Rank; ensures your affinity score, weight and time decay is suitable enough to put your advert in people’s newsfeed.

Create Goals and Objectives

To go anywhere with your social media marketing you need to have a set goal or ambition of which you aim to reach. You need to be clear and realistic with what you want to achieve, whether it’s promoting your business’ existence, gaining more conversions or just proposing a new product. Facebook is the critical social media to use to reach the most online users; this is why every post you publish onto the application, make sure your advert is straight to the point and that your text isn’t too long. You must ensure you keep your audience target in mind; this is, so you promote to the correct kind of customers and do not lead yourself to become click bait. The posts you put out must be specific, measurable and time useful while keeping in your set budget.

Create or Improve your Social Media Accounts

Firstly you need to ensure you have accounts on all forms of social media, which are helpful towards your company’s reputation. LinkedIn is a critical profile to have, as it’s where people look for professionals, making you appear more sincere and formal. After you have all social media accounts in place, you will need to update them all. Social media lives for business pages, which are active and are attracting masses of audience insights. Optimizing your social media profiles are strictly crucial to make your page visible on search results. Improving your SEO helps you gain more website traffic, your patterns should be filled out completely and with relevancy. Images and videos should also be, and contact details need proper SEO; this is so consumers can find your page easily.

Gather Inspiration for Social Media Marketing

If you have no idea where to start with your content or information, then it would be best suggested that you look at other similar websites for inspiration. Although you are not allowed to copy exact copy from a business’ page, you can easily adapt upon their words and gather ideas for your own. Consumers also play a big part in inspiring you. Depending on your generation target the age ranges will use social media differently. Take a look at how your ideal customers write posts or replies and try to mimic their style, depending on the business you offer; you can either choose to portray a formal or informal tone. To gain the best inspiration for customer engagement, you should pay attention to the highly successful companies’, i.e. Virgin airlines and GoCompare – understand how these companies approach customer’s and see if you can alter the method for your social media marketing.

Create a Plan and Calendar for your Social Media Marketing

So you’ve set a goal, now it’s important to enforce a plan and marketing calendar. You may have made one plan for your social media posts; however, you will need to consistently promote advertisements to satisfy Edge Rank and keep your business relevant. Planning out what you aim to post each day and adding it to a ‘marketing calendar’ would prove hugely beneficial. By adding a calendar to your routine of social media marketing, this would provide great organisation to give you peace of mind that you know in advance, your social media posts. The first question is to ask what content you intend to post, carefully think about what you want to talk about each day to keep your set audience interested.

Next, you should consider if your content is suitable for the audience you’re promoting to, you could quickly adapt your copy to reflect the generation you’re looking to attract through use of adequate terminology for their age range. How often? You want to appeal to social media’s algorithms, but you don’t want to appear as spam. It is essential to carefully separate your posts from each other and upload them at peak times for the best website conversions. Next, you need to ask yourself how you aim to create the content, what programme will you use and how long will it be? People nowadays don’t tend to care for lengths of text instead of visual advertisements attract customers; therefore your content must be punchy and exciting.

Lastly, you need to plan how you will promote your social media content. Will you be making a campaign? Will you be scheduling a post? The advertisement possibilities are endless especially on Facebook, which is why you need to carefully decide what platform you’re going with to promote your content. If you aim to achieve leads, then you need to have accurate information provided within your campaign and the visual advertisements to guide your customer’s into an enquiry.

Test, Evaluate and Change your Marketing Plan

An important method to take is testing and analysing your marketing plan. When you create content and publish it on social media, then you can experiment with gaining conversions, you will not know how useful your information is until you promote it to the general public. Evaluate the audience insights you receive from your posted content and take into consideration what changes you could make. Maybe customers are clicking on to your post then straight off of it? Whatever analysis you achieve, ensure to examine the possibilities of improving the readings. Keep a record of your failures and successes and see what works best for your company.

Overall your social media marketing should consist of change. Both consumers and social media algorithms admire change, which is why you need to ensure you always update your content and providing new information continuously. You can’t expect to see a dramatic increase in customers immediately however by following a set strategy you can begin unfolding an excellent reputation in 2018, which will lead to increased business success.

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