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Illustration over Stock

When trying build a brand and company identity we always want to portray ourselves as professional but also we want to show our brands and company’s personality- we build a website that best suits these requirements, we make it look pretty and we use photography. Now, I’m not saying we’re all angels here but this blog is all about the power of illustrations and how we should all start implementing them into our work a little more.


When we create a website, blog, social media etc. We all fall into the trap of using photography. Photography is often dull, bland, and frankly forgettable not to mention finding the right image is a lifelong battle as you want to bed portray your brand or company in the best way possible, right?

Trawling through stock images can become monotonous, each picture displaying the same over exaggerated, forced smile, pristine models, in perfect poses aren’t particularly what you want to portray your brand or company. The fact is photography is very limited, unless the pictures are yours (which is what we try and urge), your potential customers aren’t as stupid as you think- they want to see real images that are your own. They know a stock image when they see one.

“Never underestimate the simplicity of the general public”

So what about illustrations?

Illustration has been around for a lifetime and more and throughout that time illustrations have expanded and developed to the digital world. But why am I going on about them?

If done right and well, an illustration can tell a thousand words. Defying the limitations of photography, illustrations are a gateway to really express your brand. Taking a step away from reality and taking a step towards no boundaries gives you the chance to create a unique, unforgettable piece of art that portrays your brand or company better than an unrealistic model.

Enhances Brand Identity

When considering our brand identity we become very limited to the extent we can push it, we have our logo and the colour scheme that we feed throughout our marketing, sales etc. We are cornered as to how we can express the true identity of our brand.

This is where illustrations act as a platform that can help to drive your brands character. The way in which the strokes and vibrant colours are used can push a playful and fun approach that sometimes a brand needs. Whatever the approach that your brand needs to take it is important that the illustration style mirrors the brand values.

our brand is what differentiates you from others”

User Experience

 Sometimes we all rely a bit too heavily on content to explain everything, even the simplest of things we stress about being understood, so we over compensate with content. But potential clients don’t want to wade their eyes through lengths of content; they want something that is visually pleasing with the relevant information to go with it.

Introducing your illustrations across all of your design platforms that your potential clients will see will make for a much more aesthetically pleasing and recognisable brand or company that differs from any of your competitors.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that all stock photos are bad, I’m not staying steer away from them but I am saying, when you feel lime your brand isn’t being portrayed in the correct way because of stock photos then don’t rule out the idea of illustrations.

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