Is your website converting?

1. Stale Website & Design

As the Internet grows, which it constantly does, so does the technology that makes it ever more dynamic and responsive. It’s important to have a fresh, clean website which is up to date. Web users can tell amateur websites from professional websites, so it pays to get fresh designs from a qualified, experienced web designer.


2. Old content which is years out of date

Having out of date content on your website does portray an unprofessional image. When customers visit your website they want to fulfil their need for the information  on your products and services. Fortunately all of the websites we build have a content management system so you can keep your content relevant and up to date.


3. The website has no way to convert

Having hundreds of views a week is great but website visitors who just click through your site and then leave are essentially no different from a window shopper.  Make sure there is a ‘call to action’ visible on the website so you can convert these visitors into customers.


4. Long page loading time

With broadband speeds getting faster by the day, web users expect sites to load promptly. If they don’t…..well there are millions of other websites to view.It’s simple; if your site doesn’t load fast people will leave.


5. Your website isn’t optimised for Mobile use

With the explosion in the past couple of years for smart phones and tablets, this has created an entirely new sector in web browsing, with 40% coming from a mobile device. If your website does not cater for those people, you’re cutting out a large chunk of potential customers.If you have any of these 5 common problems and would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We will inform you of what we can do to get you in a better position to use your website to its full advantage.

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