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KA Wing Group

Our Approach

In our initial meeting we conferred about the direction that The K A Wing Group wanted to go in. It was obvious that their previous website had been neglected when it came to communicating their ideals and updating the website.


As they’re a local family business that offer a vast range of professional services they really wanted to portray these factors on the website. The professional aspect was very important; we didn’t want the professional appearance to be lost through the “family business” which is why we had to find a design that complimented both.


As The K A Wing Group already had an existing logo we decided to maintain the colour scheme but also add some more colours that complimented the logo but didn’t make the website look disjointed and disorganised.

We created a concept that communicated both a professional and family orientated tone, we did this through the colour scheme that was taken from the existing logo and this was a major factor made the websites appearance look professional because there was a link and it made the website look aesthetically pleasing, we then had the additional “family feel” we needed to consider for the website, we established this tone by having a “meet the team” and a banner that stated that the company are “first and foremost a family company” with a “learn more” button. We agreed that pushing the family feel too much because it detracts from the professional appearance we were aiming for.


The K A Group wanted an easily accessible website for their user experience, this was due to the fact that they offer a vast range of professional services that their clients are going to be seeking information about. By having an in depth breakdown of informative content is essentially making the user experience, a positive experience. The easily accessible navigation bar that breaks down the services that they offer is a major contribution to the easily navigational website.


The direction that The K A Wing Group Ltd wanted to go in was achieved through our constant communication and understanding of our clients, and there has been nothing but a positive outcome from this website.






An introduction to

The KA Wing Group Ltd is an IT, mechanical, electrical solutions and Service Company for commercial, industrial and public sectors in Peterborough. They thrive on their family orientated business.

KA Wing Group

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