KYMC Printing Supplies came to us as a new printing and cartridge supply company, wanting to develop their online presence and sell products online. As a new company, we needed to start from scratch!

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KYMC required 3 main things from this project – a new logo, a seamless website design, and large e-commerce development.

To begin developing their digital footprint, the client required a logo that reflected their company. We took the time to understand their core message and what they wanted to achieve – ensuring we could design a distinguishable logo. KYMC liked the idea of incorporating a Quill & Inkpot into the logo, as well as the 4 main ink colours in printing; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.




Creation of new branding and website, as well as development of a large online shop

project process


After considering their ideas, we provided KYMC with 3 initial logo concepts. The client particularly liked one of the logos. So – through a collaborative process and further ideas and amendments – we developed this logo until the client was happy.

Ultimately, a modern and colourful logo with an old-school twist that suits a range of formats
was chosen.


Ubuntu is an OpenType-based font family, designed to be a modern, humanist-style typeface by London-based type foundry Dalton Maag, with funding by Canonical Ltd. The font was under development for nearly nine months, with only a limited initial release through a beta program, until September 2010.

project process


With their fresh branding in place, the next stop was an engaging website with large e-commerce development. The site front and backend needed to be seamless in both design and functionality.

KYMC wanted a website that coincided with their new logo. For this, we ensured we used elements from their logo across the site. We incorporated the 4 main colours and also made use of the quill.

As well as providing the client with a vibrant and consistent visual identity, an important aspect of the site was its development. KYMC had a database of products in which they wanted to sell through the site. So our developers built a large e-commerce store within the site that allows the user to navigate through the site and browse products easily.

However, we wanted to focus on user experience further and ensure they could find exactly what they were looking for. So, we developed a custom search functionality on the home page. This allowed users to search for products via cartridge code or make and model, which drastically narrowed down the options available to them.

Overall, both ourselves and the client feel that we accurately represented their brand in their new online presence. We’re looking forward to seeing what KYMC does next!

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