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Live chat will benefit your business – here’s why

With the advancement of technology, online browsing couldn’t be easier. In this modern, techno world, speed plays a vital role in maintaining a customer’s attention. Instant messaging and live streaming has taken over social media – as technology advances, Internet users have less and less patience. Therefore, your company’s website must be current enough to satisfy these needs. The introducing of Live Chat allows customers to receive answers immediately – without wasting any time finding phone numbers and waiting on hold.

Take shopping, for instance. In a shop, you’re able to speak to a member of staff almost instantaneously. Since a staggering 3.77 billion people in the world are online, a method of an instant connection between customers and employees needs to be established. Whilst shopping online – whether it be for clothes or for website designers – problems might arise, a main factor being the feeling of disconnection from someone who can answer any questions. Live Chat has many possibilities – including avoiding feelings of disconnection –, which will be discussed throughout this blog.


As soon as a question is asked, help is offered. Waiting times are shortened and sales are increased. With Live Chat, customers have the ability to multi-task, should they need to wait for an answer – and don’t need to worry about missing their turn. Phone calls can be awkward, particularly when a customer isn’t quite sure of the topic. Most people would prefer not to make a phone call – including myself. Live Chat gives people an excuse to avoid uncomfortable phone calls and allows your services to be offered to a wider variety of individuals. Still not convinced? We’ve got evidence. Research suggests that 73% of customers are satisfied after using live chat than any other form of customer support, such as email, telephone or social media, and 62% of customers were more inclined to purchase products online having spoken to customer support live.

Increased sales

With a higher number of people staying on your site due to live chat, it is more likely that products will be brought. Live chat provides visitors with instant access to your support staff and sales team – thus, your team has a higher chance to sell your products and turn these visitors into paying clients or customers. Instant messaging proves to be more comprehensible, and may be the most efficient way of communicating advice and promoting products. An employer can immediately guide customers through a sale; once a customer is engaged with an employee who understands their needs, the employee is able to recommend additional purchases that may suit that particular person.

Edge over competition

Many big websites still don’t have live chat software installed. A study published by TELUS International has shown that a considerably high number of online businesses do not use any live chat system on their websites, meaning that opting to install such ensures that you will have a distinct advantage over competition. You can give friendly, instant support access and have more opportunities to engage your sites’ visitors and make more sales – an advantage over many companies.

Is your bounce back rate on your website high? Are customer’s not receiving the information they need? Live chat is now highly recommended. If you have any queries, or would like to find out how to set up live chat – call Geek Design on 01733 686 100, or email us on [email protected]

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