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Logos: a critical part of your business

Being the first and last focus of attention, logos play a powerful role in your company. Upon seeing a company’s logo, an opinion will instantly be made. It takes seven seconds for an individual to make a first impression; don’t let your logo be the reason a customer loses interest. A professionally designed logo will boost your potential customer’s trust – making them more likely to do business with you. Your logo reflects your skills and your capability; without a well-designed logo, customers won’t believe your ability.

Spending a fortune on a sleek, slick logo that encompasses your company’s talent is better than losing sales due to a poor, thoughtless logo stuck on a page. As soon as an individual views your website, their eyes are drawn to the logo. It is the single most visible manifestation of your company; an art that will hopefully linger in your customer’s mind. Your logo must be unforgettable. For instance, the moment the heavenly words ‘Mc Donalds’ spills from one’s mouth, its yellow, curved letter ‘M’ instantly comes to mind.

Your logo reflects your image

What do you want your business to portray? Are you a plumber, and therefore want to express a skilful and dependable aura? Or, you might be opening a coffee shop – do you want your logo to convey a warm, welcoming ambience? Your logo embraces your products. It sums up your company in a figure, and demonstrates its image – whether you want to express boldness, reliability or friendliness.

Amongst the many logos flooding the market today, yours must have meaning. It has to be specific enough to be set apart from the rest of the competition.

Consumer loyalty

Familiarity is key to a businesses growth. Having a memorable logo makes it more likely that a customer will come back. The more your logo is repeated, the more it will be etched in your customer’s mind; repetition ensures effectiveness. Your logo should be everywhere; every page of your website, within your workplace, on your social media and at the bottom of every email that you send. Soon enough, just a glimpse of your logo will be sufficient enough for your customer to relate it to your company.

Logos are an easy way to become a more recognized brand. If a customer takes an interest in your logo, it is more likely that they will come back.

Develops ownership

Your company’s logo proves your legal ownership, acting as a legal safeguard against forgeries. You can sue companies who sell a cheaper version of your product using your logo – which is being known to happen in third-world countries.

A logo can be developed cheaply – however, you must be prepared for a low-quality graphic, and in the long run, lower sales and customer interest. Paying more will ensure a logo that not only looks good, but also expresses your company’s message and values.

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