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New Names Equal New Opportunities

Back in November last year there were just twenty-two domain name extensions available and now there are hundreds with new names being added all the time including ones that are specific to your industry, location and interest.

After almost three decades it can be hard for new businesses to find domain names, all the best ones are taken leaving a struggle to find a domain name or company name that suits what the business offers. With new domain extension names available there is an increased amount of choices for company name and domain names which also encourage innovation to create some really cool domain names for businesses.

Why would businesses want the new domain names though?

With the new domain name extensions you can attract new customers through hundreds of new targeted domains. It is now possible to get a domain name for your business that tells potential customers exactly what you do and you can use the region and city domain names to target potential customers in your area.

Brand new domain name extensions allow you to improve your chances of getting the web address that you really want. Beat your competition to getting the best possible domain names by contacting us directly; we can order a domain name on your behalf.

The new domain name extensions also allow your domain name to be memorable as well as standing out from the crowd. For example – the shorter the domain name the easier it is for your customers to remember later on.

You can also purchase multiple domain names that can hold separate websites, landing pages or direct your traffic through to existing websites. The more ways your customers can get to you the more customers will find you so open up the front door, back door, the windows and even the roof of your online business to get more customers wanting your products and services.

Contact us now and we can advise you on the best domain name for your business – you’ll be surprised how cheaply we can get the domain name of your dreams!

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