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Size doesn’t always matter​

Word count, such a contradictory restriction us content marketers find ourselves overthinking and forcing ourselves to meet; working in such a creative industry surely we should be able to be lenient and expressive without thinking about meeting a target?

The sole question of “how many words should my blog be”? Stems back to 2011 when Google’s Panda Algorithm was implemented and persisted to essentially punish websites with thin content- what Google meant by “thin” was that it was uninformative, useless and in no way what so ever was it helping the user at all (hindering the most important user experience). To begin with this almost sadistic and malicious algorithm seems irrational and mean but in an essence it was only helping your website better itself.

From this algorithm there was an automatic divide:

One team decided that we needed clear guidelines and there came the restriction of a minimum of 300+ words, whilst others went to the other extreme entirely, declaring that only those with thousands of words would be looked upon in favour by Google.

Google have neither said yes nor no to any of these said ‘camps’. Again, we were left to find out for ourselves. How much content is enough for Google? Well…

There is no magic number!!

If you find yourself restricting your work to a specific word count (that I must admit I may or may not be guilty of) then stop!

The obvious is that long copywriting generally does outperform short copywriting, and some researchers have found that the average word count of top ranked searches is around 2,416 words. But what we need to remember is that it is very well giving ourselves these word restrictions but whom are we writing for? Our priority, the searcher! They want informative content that is straight to the point and if that is more than 300 words, then so be it! When was the last time your refused to read something because it was 600 words?

As long as your articles consist of well-written, well structured, answer the question in hand and contain credible resources then there is no reason why there should be a problem with your article being either 400 or 4,000 words long!

As Content Marketers we strain ourselves to perform to these restrictions but we forget that we also work in a creative industry, lets ostracise this overthought oxymoron and start enjoying our roles in this forever changing industry.

May your word count be free, your content well written and your points not cut any corners… from one Content Marketer to another, it’s always quality over quantity. Size doesn’t always matter!

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