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Small Business Website Tips

When you’re a small business, and especially when you are a brand new small business – sharing your website is like going on a first date. As well all know, first impressions count and in this article we show you different ways you can make that first impression shine.

As much as you hate to admit it, people do judge a book by its cover. The cover of your book (website) is your home page. The home page of our small business website is your shop front, it’s your calling card, it’s your pick-up line and it’s what keeps your visitor wanting more.

You need to keep your website simple, large companies can afford the chance of lots of tabs going in different directions and showing you various products or services, but as a small business you are not yet trusted so you need to show the visitor to your website exactly what they are looking for, and quickly. Make sure you get rid of the clutter and keep it clean and clear.

Don’t have long pages with multiple products or services – nobody likes a tiny scroll bar that means you have to scroll down for miles. A great way of getting round this, if you do have multiple products or services, is to have a main page entitled Products / Services then have a few lines or a short paragraph about each product / service with the opportunity to click through to the individual product / service to find out more.

Don’t display every single tab and link on your homepage; instead you need to include the links the visitor will need, that will take them through to the relevant pages that they want to see. For example, you want to see the Home Page, About, Product, News and the Contact Us Page all the while keeping your mobile website as simple as possible.

Visitors to your website won’t want to scroll down if there is nothing of interest so put your eye-catching photos above the fold to keep the interest. Use your home page for shameless self-promotion to keep visitors to your website wanting more.

Consider putting social media widgets onto your website to allow visitors to your website to find out more about you and your business. However, if you have a widget to Twitter, for example, make sure you are an active user on Twitter and you regularly respond to queries, most importantly keep it up to date and current.

Ensure that your homepage is consistent to your brand, use the same colour, font, logo and layout throughout so everything is connected and stays consistent throughout the website. It’s really important that your website home page, any shop front marketing, business cards and flyers look the same and connected.

Have featured images on your website so when you share pages on social media the picture pops up. This makes it look clear and professional, but most importantly it looks interesting and exciting.

As a small business you have the chance to be quirky, small businesses are reinventing the wheel to make their business fun and engaging for visitors to their website. Crazy characters, clever wording and a trendy lay out can work really well for your small business website.

If you’re looking at a website for your small business give us a call; we are always happy to help you out and offer support or advice where we can.

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