Social media can benefit your business, but first, you’ll need to stop doing these 10 things. 

You’re always seeing ‘tips’ on how to better your social media, but what about the tips on not what to do? Geek Designs have listed the most common mistakes made by companies on their social media; These mistakes can lead to social failure, damaging your reputation and costing you time and money. 

If you are planning to start up Facebook, LinkedIn or any other popular social application it’s more than important to read this infographic. We want to help people make their businesses the best they can be and social media can help with this. 

Therefore, here are 10 of the most important DON’Ts to remember when using social media. 


Well, these are 10 social media don’ts that you’ll need to remember throughout your social venture. They can be easily forgotten so make sure you plan!

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