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Steadfast roofing was established in 1986 where the team would just install basic roofing requirements; they have now become much more established.

Steadfast Roofing

Our process and approach

We had previously worked with Steadfast Roofing on their original website that had progressively become out of date, so we contacted them and advised they updated their website with us. After establishing what was out dated on their website we decided on a direction to go in with regards to the complete redesign of the website and this was to be visually different, this was because after reviewing several websites that are roofing specialists we noticed that they are all very similar so different was good.


We also agreed that Steadfast Roofing’s website wasn’t communicating their ideals or how established the company are any more.


We used visually bold colours and features for the website because this was different to their competitors. Our main focus for this process was to set Steadfast apart from their competitors and make them that little bit different.


They also wanted to be easily accessible for their potential clients and display a lot of information for communication purposes.


As Steadfast had worked with us before they understood how we worked and our process, we work with a constant communication between the client and ourselves within every project so we fulfil every single issue or feedback they have for us. Throughout this project there has been a constant communication and everything Steadfast have fed-back to us we have acted on to make the project a very successful and positive project. 

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