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Premium Subscription Service

We were tasked with creating a bespoke website for a client that would allow them to charge users to view premium Warhammer content. This was an interesting project for us, as it allowed us a lot of freedom with the design, and presented some unique development challenges.

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We went with a bold colour scheme, paired with distinctive typographical choices. This, along with the site-wide dark background creates a lot of visual impact.

Bespoke Templates

We built a series of bespoke templates, in order to give us full control over the layout of the content.

We also took the opportunity to experiment with some AJAX features. Video progress is stored on the site allowing users to resume. Users can also save videos to view later.

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We also created a small eCommerce store on the site, allowing our client to sell merchandise directly through the site, rather than paying fees to an external service.

We handled all of the migration from our client’s previous provider to our bespoke site. This entailed processing viewer data we were given in order to make it compatible with the new site. We made special efforts to ensure users kept any subscription they had previously paid for on the old site. We developed custom tooling to both process the original data, and to import the translated data into the site.

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