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The downsides to a dull website​​

As the world of technology advances, more companies are becoming competent at using technology to market their product or services. In this day, it is critical that your website performs and portrays its business and brand to the highest standard possible.

Consumers are not only browsing websites for information but utilising the site for user experience. People judge your website on how easy, accessible and navigational it is to use. They also are the judge of whether your website shows personality and professionalism. In today’s continually advancing world, an outdated website will stick out like a sore thumb – and not in a good way. Internet users finding themselves on old, obsolete sites will bounce off almost instantly – choosing user-friendly, responsive websites instead.

The downside to having a dull and dated website

When a potential client or customer comes to your site, they will judge. First impressions last the longest and nowadays, your website is your first impression. The best websites are good looking and portray both personality and professionalism. They’re easily accessible and navigational but straight to the point and concise. Displaying your brand or business with an online presence that resembles your company’s ethos is the most critical factor. Customers are judgemental, and rightly so. They are looking for a service that will advertise their business. Do you think that they’re going invest in an old and dated website rather than a new, professionally designed website?

If that is not enough to urge you to choose a professional web design company, the following information should be. Read our top three reasons were showing the way in which a dull and dated website will hurt your business.

1. Losing to competition.

A dull website will drive your customers into the arms of your competitor, especially if your competitor’s sites are up to date and par while yours is lacking. The fastest way to lose leads is failing to provide a quick and straightforward method for potential clients to contact you.

2. Decreased exposure for your website.

Your website must be informative, relevant and credible to show up on the first or second page of Google search results. If your site does not have enough quality content alongside a preferred domain and other relevant factors, potential customers may not even see it in the first place.

3. Bad reputation.

Your dull website could be giving your business a bad reputation. Consumers may assume that your site is behind the times, out of use or lacking innovation and growth. If your website is difficult to navigate or not user-friendly, customers that do find your website will bounce off. In this day, people like easiness. If they can’t find what they are looking for in a few seconds, this Internet user will look elsewhere. Impressions are made in seven seconds. You have seven seconds to wow your potential customers – before they hit the back button. Your customers want a website that is trustworthy, easily accessible and easily navigational and communicates information that suits their needs. Does yours do this?

But how do you identify whether your website is dull and lacklustre?

These tips will allow you to find out where you stand and what you could be doing:

Compare your website against competitors.

Is your website’s design sleek, simple, and relevant? Does yours provide well-written content? Is your website easy to navigate? If you notice a significant difference between the overall attractiveness and user-friendliness of your competitor’s site and yours, it is a strong indication that you need to invest in an upgrade and update.

Keep a close eye on Google Analytics.

A regular audit of activity on your website can help you identify which pages are showing up the most frequently in search results and which pages drive the most web traffic. Data within your Google Analytics dashboard can also show which pages are not attracting visitors and which pages visitors view before they leave. Carefully review this data; it can provide you with invaluable insight regarding the quality and attractiveness of your website as a whole as well as each page. Evaluate differences between high-performing pages and low-performing pages to identify design tactics that are working.

Do a test run.

Consider the questions most consumers are looking to answer when they visit a website:

·       Where are you located?

·       What do you do?

·       Who will I be working with?

·       Are you credible?

·       How much does it cost?

·       How do I get a hold of you?

In some industries, customers may also visit your website in search of quality, informative content and an expert opinion. How many of these questions can be answered with one click or less? How thorough are the answers?

Browsing your website, your potential customers can discover an immense amount of information about you.  Your website plays a massive role in your potential customers choice in investing with you over the competition. With this in mind, a website designed and edited by professionals should be considered. Web design specialists can make it easily accessible, navigational, and precise with information, providing a user experience like no other. Why risk giving business to your competitor?

Get in touch with a member of our team today and find out how we can improve your website’s appearance, user-friendliness and traffic.

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