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The End Is Nigh

The title may seem a tad extreme but if your website is not mobile friendly then the end really could be nigh for your website and, subsequently, your business. Google is changing its algorithms from the 21st April and if your website is not mobile friendly then your website will go lower down the search engines, maybe disappearing out of site all together!

The Google algorithm means that mobile-friendly websites will rank higher than non mobile-friendly websites on mobile search results. You may notice search engines are changing already on your mobile phone with websites already being labelled as “Mobile-Friendly” which is written under your url. That update got the ball rolling and is aimed at helping mobile searchers find websites that they can easily use on their phones.

Google has warned that this Google update will have a bigger than both the Panda and Penguin updates that have taken place over the last few years and showed drastic results for many businesses across the world. With 50% of all Google searches coming from mobile devices you can quickly see how much of an impact this could have to your business and website.

Sometimes Google brings in new algorithms county by country, but this one will be bought in globally, in all countries and in all languages at the same time – not phased into different countries at different times.

Google will trawl your site in real-time, this means that it will be trawled by Google spiders once you’ve updated your design and at that time it will be identified as a mobile-friendly website. However, if you update your site so that it is not a mobile-friendly website the Google algorithm will kick in and this is likely to have a negative effect on your website.

If your website is part mobile-friendly Google will mark those pages as mobile-friendly but the un-friendly parts should not cause your entire site to be marked negatively. However, it is recommended you arrange for your whole website to be mobile-friendly as this could change in the future.

Call us now to check your website is mobile friendly and if it isn’t we can give you a quote for a mobile friendly website.

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