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The Importance of Copywriting For Your Website

You want you website to look good, we know that. But what are all the smart displays of astounding aesthetics worth if the content isn’t there?

Most companies now need their websites to complete more than just the attraction of customers, because it’s all very well a potential customer landing on your page, loving the look but if it doesn’t lead to any business because they cant find any information then it’s a pointless website, surely?

By copywriting, it will allow you to engage with the visitors of you page leading to sales, clients and so much more. But although good copywriting has this much power it always is one of the most-neglected aspect in the “design world”. These tips will (hopefully) make you see the importance of copywriting for your website.

Tip One: Don’t over look text for visuals!

Its all very well having a nice fade on a picture or something interactive but like I said earlier, if the information isn’t there your customers aren’t going to be there because there is only so much playing you can do with an interactive sliding picture.

Designers are the visual creatures of the industry so when they find another one of their ‘cool’ features to add to a website, naturally they will get very excited about this and will make it their task to get it on the website, overlooking the message the clients actually want to see (don’t get me wrong I’m not slating you designers out there!).

We all need to start working together to make the copywriting and design co-inside together to make the website portray the message the website should be portraying. Now, I don’t want to say websites that are pleasing for the eye don’t portray these intentions all the time, but what I do want to say is if the website is very pleasing for the eye we want to match this with very informative and effective copywriting.

We need the copywriting to be supported by the visuals, not the other way around.

Tip Two: Are you a designer? (Even if you’re not) pay attention to the copywriting!

We’ve established you designers love your visuals, but this isn’t just for your designers. Everyone across the board needs to pay attention to the importance of copywriting, because it could be the difference between no sale and hundreds of pounds worth of sales.

Okay, yes. Some of us are employed to write the copywriting and that’s all very well, but it should be looked at and seen by someone else before its slapped onto the website.

Here are some reasons why copywriting needs your attention:

1. Copywriting presents your website message/messages in a captivating way-

It’s so easy now to click on a website and instantly deem whether its worth investing your time to find out more, or whether you just decide to instantly click that back button. Whether you realise it or not, we all do it, on websites, blogs or ecommerce sites we all always skimming and scamming to decipher whether its worth the read. Essentially my point is here, the better the copywriting the better views, customers, clients etc.

The visual elements captivate the customer’s eye and the text will be the decider of whether that customer stays or goes.

2. It’s an easier way to for customers to find you-

Copywriting helps designers make their projects for their clients more rewarding. Using the keywords that copywriters are so familiar with using will understand that they will boost the rankings for search engines like Google.

With the online search market becoming more and more innovative, it seems stupid to not use anything that is going to get you up the Google pages. When a customer is searching for something, Google will take into account everything from the website content itself, all the way to titles and headlines that best suit the search and display them at the top of the page.

The majority of online searchers will click on the first few that appear on page one, so getting up the ranking system will ensure you customers due to the stigma that has been created about “page one” over the years. If you do manage to get on page one then this will increase organic traffic to your website.

Yes, this is the immense power of search engine optimisation (SEO).

3. Tip Three: Informs a better design process-

I know getting the designer to check the copywriting would just another thing on their to-do list but it would also change the design process on a vital level.

Well when your designer understands your intentions in your copywriting, it is easier for them to structure their beloved visual elements to compliment this copywriting and its intentions. So instead of this beautiful but lacking in copywriting website, you’ll have this organised, but still beautiful website that implies its intentions very clearly.

Not only this but focussing on the copywriting early also helps the designers estimate and paint a picture on what the final result will look like. But I’m not speaking on behalf of all designers, some might find this helpful, others… not so much.

The way in which the copywriting is written could also help your designer, if it’s direct to the audience the visuals might differ compared to something general and filled with a technical, field specific register to the subject

4. Tip four: Lastly, the overall experience-

The overall experience has been the anchor point in the blog, you want to make your content ensure the customer feels confident in giving you their time, you want to portray a reliable and efficient tone, along with a professional manor.

Essentially my final point will come back to the fact you could have the best looking website in the world, but it means nothing if the information isn’t there. Good, non keyword stuffed, unique copywriting will ensure a website:

  • Boosted credibility- page one!
  • Adds personality to your website- make your intentions loud and clear, keep it positive!
  • Makes it easier to read- you want your customer to have an enjoyable easy, confusing-free experience on your website.
  • Simplifies navigation- the designer will always make the website easy to navigate but the copywriting will compliment this feature.

Now that I’ve probably stuffed all this information into your head, I hope it sticks and you remember these points when it come to writing your next piece of content.

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