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The Right Colour For Your Target Audience

We briefly touched on colours of logos and logo design in a recent blog post, but we have looked at KISSmetrics and found out some really interesting things from their research. These are facts and pointers that could definitely help towards choosing the colour of your branding and logo.

Now, when it comes to your website you want the colour of your logo to go through to the website design so it brings the company and brand together. When visitors come to your website you want them to know they have come to the right place and this message can be put across by using the right colours, along with other things like a clear company name and description of what you do.

So, according to KISSmetrics, what colours should you (and shouldn’t you) be using on your logo design and website to attract your target audience?

If you’re the company is aimed at women and you’re targeting your business mainly at women you want to go for greens, purples and blues. The colours you want to steer clear from are oranges, browns and greys.

If however you are aiming for men and they are your target audience you really want to look at blacks, as well as greens and blues (like women) and you want to avoid oranges and browns (as you would with women) and purples too.

When it comes to the Business to Business companies you are often aiming your products and services at both males and females, in which case you are looking to go for greens and blues, avoiding oranges and browns.

Sometimes the powerful role that colour plays in branding, websites and logos is ignored but by tweaking the colour of a button on a page can often increase your clicks and can often change the behaviour of the user.

Basically speaking, the colour of your brand, logo and website can be crucial to the conversion rate of your website to speak to our team of website designers in Peterborough to see how we can increase your conversions and clicks on your website.

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