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UX and Design trends for 2017​

We are in the unique environment of website design and within this ever-changing industry there comes a lot of creative trends, styles and expectations of user experience, that will either intrigue us as designers or they may repulse us; regardless of what your personal, preferred design style is or how you keep your users entertained, I am sure I can express on behalf of all of us when I say we are all a little bit curious as to what 2017’s web design trends and user experience expectations may bring to us and our inspiration.​

Starting with User Experience Trends for 2017…

1. Skeleton Screens

The time it takes your webpage to load contributes a considerable amount to the user experience. For pages with varied data formats it is recommended to load your page in sections- starting with the more basic features and then building up to the more complex features so that they customers could anticipate what data they are going to see next, this will help keep the bounce rate to a bare minimum.

2. Real-time Persuader Videos

Remember the animated videos that you would find on websites that business used to secure a sale? Yes? Cool, now forget about that and start turning your attention to real-time videos to secure sales.  This is because our customers are becoming a lot smarter than we give them credit for, they want to see real people with real results, they want a shared experience, they want interactive, they want a unique experience with the products and live demos- this way a real connection is made and a genuine sale/investment can be created.

3. Landing page first

In 2017, expect a devaluation of the home page, which is to give way to the rise of the user specific landing pages. This essentially means there will be variants of your home page targeting users according to their requirements. By delivering specific messages to a specific audience, it will be much easier to tailor your sales and ensure a sale.

Are these elements something you think you could implement into your user experience plan?

Let’s see what design trends we will see in 2017…


1. Bright colours and gradients

A new upcoming year will be undoubtedly for super rich gradient that is already being implemented in the past year. The use of bolder colours in web design is helpful to attract the attention of users.  This year we are expecting to see more vibrant colours online.

2. Big, bold typography

An essential part of every design is the typography that means arranging fonts on an attractive background wherein it has the ability to complete you website but choosing wrong could break your website as well.

3. Mobile-first approach

As phones were deemed as a primary device used for browsing the web and most of the ventures are now realising the consequences of not having a mobile friendly website. The expectation or 2017 is that with a thoughtful approach to tailoring the content to a smaller screen, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more mobile sites.

Obviously these trends aren’t bible and the likeliness of them fluctuating throughout 2017 is very high. What we recommend is making sure you stick to your style but keep checking the trends because you never know, one of these trends might just provoke and inspire your creative thoughts!

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