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Our Process


and Discovery

We research your project and make sure that we are on the same page as you. Everything clear? Great! We move forward with the design. A designated User Interface Specialist will work on basic functionality as well as giving you full control of your website to help you make vital changes and gain an edge in your current marketplace.


and Development

Our talented team of designers will gather high-resolution images, unique fonts, and icons that are custom tailored to your specific industry. After the concept design is approved, it's time to let our designers tie all the pieces together. All onsite SEO is implemented to give your website every chance of being found by Google.


We test your website across all major browsers for speed and scale. This will enable us to ensure that your website can support a massive surge of traffic without compromising the user experience.

Our web agency services range from content to PR strategies, but all are an effective technique to drive traffic to your website.

Our web agency service allows us to access and facilitate all of your required needs from content to PR strategies we can cover you throughout.

We understand when you come to a business you want to feel like you are getting the full package and here we offer a bespoke package for every project we encounter. Our team work with our clients to ensure that their website will be as effective as it can be, this is don’t through the following services we offer:


Content- Our team can write the content for the website pages for you services etc. using the relevant and appropriate keywords to get you up the rankings and improving your websites SEO. The better the content the more highly you’ll be ranked. We do give you the opportunity to write your own but we do also offer the service.


Public Relations Strategies- This refers to your ‘relationship’ with users online and socially, it’s all about driving traffic to your website. Our team will confer with you make a plan of the best suited strategies to go down for your business and the following process will be mainly focussed on completing this process and driving traffic to the site.


Social Media- Social Media is an innovative platform in which can increase traffic, in a sense it “makes noise” for your site. We offer the service of Social Media Management, where in which we do exactly that; we tweet, write status’ etc. on any platform we decide is appropriate for your business, we manage Social media on three platforms (this isn’t bible, this is what we work to):


Test & Deliver





  • Current Projects
  • Services (link to site)
  • Fun!

These three things are our guides that we stick to if we manage your social media and we also advise you on these three steps as well. By mixing it up with work and fun and then some services your followers will see a break, having some fun on your social media and talking about up and coming subjects will ensure only positive results.


We recommend Social Media Management when you are unsure with how active you’re going to be on social media, an inactive Facebook account is going to be ineffective.


Websites- We create a website for your business that best portrays your business ethos and ideals, professionalism and personality, we know that a website will be the face of your business and you want to make a good impression, this is why we offer a bespoke and unique package for each and every site we do, for both e-commerce and regular sites.


Branding- Our team creates a brand for your company, that we maintain throughout the website and any advertising that we then do for you after this is completed. Branding is maintained throughout everything i.e. social media, website, branding, advertisement.


As well as the website being the face of the business, when it comes to advertisement this will be the face, we thrive ourselves on our simple but yet effective design process’ and we don’t follow the latest trends because they’re temporary. Instead, we go for timeless and unique.


Advertising- After the site is complete we will always assist you on ‘getting out there’ by advertisement, this could either be through online advertisement or print-based advertisement. Linking back to social media, this is a form of advertisement. You can pay for advertising on Facebook etc.


Regardless of the form we will always ensure we are here to see it through to the end and get those effective results you’ve invested in.

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