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Here at Geek Designs, we have a team of expert website designers near Northampton, to help businesses with a need for a website in Northampton achieve their goals with striking designs that can help businesses deliver the right message in a way that stands out from the crowd.


We feel the understanding the clients objective is paramount to ensuring we design a website in Northampton that works for the client. We take the time to speak to our clients so we can understand them and their business, allowing us to create a website that ticks all the boxes and helps the client spread their brand awareness and get more sales.


Our team of web designers create websites for businesses in Northampton that are innovative and clean, while offering easy user experience for the client updating the website and for the visitor to the website so they can learn more about our clients business. We are always striving to exceed our client’s expectations, continuously focusing on the latest trends and technologies.

We have been building websites in Northampton for many years, we have never given a client a website they do not like and we are pleased to get around 70% of our work from repeat business and recommendations from existing clients.


Searching for a new website in Northampton  can be a daunting task; every web designer in Northampton has something different to offer and there are a wide range of prices and packages that sometimes don’t even make sense. Here at Geek Designs we’re different, we speak to our clients in plain English, we spend time to understand what they want and need before confirming a price. Every website in Oundle that we do is a bespoke design, so you will not find it’s a template that everyone else has.


We make sure that our websites are SEO friendly too, so your website can be found and seen clearly by Google. Why not call us now for a website in Northampton? Our team of web designers are always happy to help.

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Modern Web Design

Web Design

One of the main expenses associated with employing a web design firm is the cost of routine updates as most companies usually charge...

Branding isn’t just your logo or your identity. Branding is the feelings experienced when a person comes into contact with your products or services.



We are constantly telling people that they need SEO friendly web content, but

what does that actually mean?

The reality is that most businesses that are enjoying success right now are using social media services in one way or another.

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