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Our designers can use website design to increase online sales, showcase your services, promote a start-up business or simply generate more traffic through search engines such as Google.


We take a clean approach to website design. Too many websites are over cluttered and scare potential customers away with ‘in your face’ visuals. We start with a creative concept, build a user-friendly framework and then apply well-considered typography to suit your brand. This amounts in an engaging website that builds trust in customers and most importantly, drives sales.

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An ammature website makes you look like an ammature business. We put the time in to ensure that your website is both unique and professional. We work to complement existing branding, or we set a strong brand in place. This means that customers shall begin to recognize the company they know and love.




Search engines don’t quite see your websites how a human does. At Geek Designs we understand that in order for Google to send a visitor to your site It needs to be able to easily find and index your products and services. This is why we build all of our sites with a search engine friendly structure, as well as implement all keywords to ensure your website get’s plenty of traffic.



We’ve successfully driven traffic to your website however that was only half of the battle. The aim of any good business-based website is the convert your visitor into your customer. What is the end goal of your website? Once we know, we can carefully craft your ‘journey’ that a user must take to achieve this goal. For example if your goal is to sell more products then we shall ensure that the process of finding, selecting and purchasing the product is as painless as possible. Tell us what you want and we shall make it happen.

Our 3-step approach



Web design may seem complex but here at Geek Designs we have the perfect recipe for online success and it’s simple.

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