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Why does a website design REALLY matter? Is it THAT important?

By now, the majority of businesses know that good website design is important. It is crucial to have a website to target customers online, especially in the digital age we live in! But, what a lot of companies don’t know is WHY a good website design is important. So, let us tell you!

For small businesses, it is not good enough to have ANY website design. You need more than that! Investing in a well-designed, thought out, and professional website is crucial to online domination. We know what you’re thinking. A website design company is telling me that web design is important – very predictable. But we aren’t here to throw sales techniques down your throat! No, the real reason is we want to help you understand the importance of website design and how it could benefit you.

However, we do understand that for small businesses, the cost of website design, along with other expenses, can be daunting. Or if you already have a functioning website (perhaps outdated), you may be doubting the value of a redesign.

But numerous studies have shown that users respond better to websites which impact the customer’s experience. If a consumer can see you have put in the time and effort to make their online user journey as pleasing and practical as possible – you are certainly more likely to be remembered.

So, why does a good web design matter?

Like we have already mentioned, website design is important because your customer cares about design. Whether we consciously know it or not, people are naturally drawn to aesthetically pleasing designs.

But what makes it even more crucial to have a visual site is making an excellent first impression. Of course, we all know they count. But, amazingly, Google’s research shows that it takes visitors 50 milliseconds (so, 0.05 seconds) to form an immediate impression of your website design. So, in that split second, users don’t have time to read your content or click through to a video! That first impression solely depends on your website design.

Overall, poor website design not only stops people engaging with you, but also hurts your creditability. Unintentionally, you could be driving more than a 1/3 of potential clients away from your business and into the arms of your competitor. (Adobe Research). But, we don’t want that to be the case; therefore, with these specific methods, you can improve your website design and positively impact your user’s experience.

5 crucial components important to website design


Your website’s design has a significant impact on how easy it is for customers to use your site and find what they are looking for!

We all may say we have the patience of a saint. But, in reality, we all lack patience when it comes to finding information. Be honest, if you can’t find something within a minute or two, we all tend to give up! The same goes for websites.

Information should be easy to find; otherwise, you will frustrate your visitors and ultimately drive them away. Therefore, think about what your customer is searching for an why they have landed on YOUR site. Your primary service should be prominent and direct your user through the necessary steps for them to find out more information.


Your website is your business tool. If built and designed with the customer in mind, you can ensure they travel through your site to become not just a visitor, but a conversion.

Through carefully placed graphics, call to actions and content, you can dictate the user through to making a sale. But, this doesn’t just have to be a sale; this also works for enquiries or data capture! For example, if you are an emergency service such as a plumber, your website is going to look different compared to a website design agency.

Why you may ask. Well, a customer will contact the plumber when in an emergency, so they need details quickly! Therefore, contact details and any call to actions need to be right at the top of the website – easy to find! But, for the website design agency, people tend to want to look at previous work and discover more about the agency. Consequently, call to actions need to be spread out throughout the site to encourage the visitor at the right moment.

Understanding the importance of website design will contribute to enhancing your customer’s journey, so you have a higher volume of conversions.


It’s a fact that sites which are modern and exudes professionalism tend to encourage trust. Whereas, a poorly constructed site is more likely to doubt your legitimacy. Like we mentioned earlier. If a business has spent time of ensuing their website is functioning as well as aesthetically pleasing – customers take notice.

You may have had an experience of this in the past. You have been on a considerably outdated site, as if it is stuck in the 1990s, then you have entered a website which is contemporary and visually appealing. The throwback website is going to appeal less and may even make you think “are they even still open for business?”.

Trust is key to building a rapport with your target audience. Having a website nowadays is very much a validation tool. More than likely customer will see your marketing on social media or even hear about you from a friend, and the first thing they will do is find your website to research who you are! If your site is outdated or worse, if you don’t even have a website, what first impression are you giving them? Not a very good one.


Finally, and to our marketers, most importantly, SEO. Website design is, of course, important for visual elements and the front end – but it is crucial for the behind the scenes magic.

What many people don’t realise is that placing information on a website isn’t just about making it look good, but also to ensure Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is performed correctly. Content placement, header tags, image’s alt tags, the optimisation list goes on! All these factors need to be thoroughly thought through so your website can be found within search engine results. Therefore, giving your website overall visibility.

A website might look fabulous from the outside, but if it has hotchpotch coding and is cumbersome to optimise, this is negatively going to impact your site. All the hard work that has been put into the design will go to waste if nobody find can find your website online!

So, you understand why website design is important now? Is your website making the right impact?

Overall, website design is important as it not only enhances the customer experience but also take them on the user journey you intended for them.

Remember, your website is one of the most powerful tools your business has to make a killer first impression – don’t let the design be the factor that lets you down.

So, if you’re looking for a digital agency that will take care of your website design, Geek is here to help! So get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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