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What Is A Landing Page

Landing Pages are so important on a website, in this article we help you understand what a landing page is, why you need landing pages on your website and the do’s and don’ts to consider when designing landing pages for your website!

A landing page is a page on your website that is separate from your website; it is often used as a page where customers ‘land’ from a campaign, advertisement or article included in your website, on a social media platform or from another source (such as an advert in a magazine or a link from another website or guest post).

To make a website page a landing page there must be no navigational links from that page to another page in your website. There must be a call to action on the landing page, encouraging the visitor to do something like ordering a product, filling in a form, contacting you for details, etc. The copy on the landing page must be tailored to suit the target audiences needs, for example if the advert that had got them through to the landing page is on a mums and babies style website, the style of writing needs to be same and the products or services available need to be targeted at that audience.

Here are some top tips for your landing page;

Only Have One Message Per Page

Don’t mix the landing page with different offers, products and details. The landing page should be the last page the visitor goes on before following the call to action which could mean ordering the product or contacted you for more details.

Keep The Message Clear

The message your visitor has come through must be clear on the campaign they come through from and on the landing page. This means the visitor knows they are in the right place and they will be ready to follow your call to action step.

Make The Call to Action Clear

The visitor has come to this page to find out more, make sure your call to action is clear so they can take the next step and follow your call to action. Make this an easy step for your visitor to follow.

Make it Work

When you’ve set up your call to action make sure you test it thoroughly, make sure the link to it works and make sure when the visitor follows your call to action that works too. There is nothing worse than spending time and money to get a potential client to your landing page only for them to find it doesn’t work.

If you need help creating landing pages for your website give us a call!

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