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With the benefits that a branded vehicle brings, you cannot afford to have a poorly designed logo

A shocking 32 million cars drive on Britain’s road, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Amongst 32 million drivers, a potential customer must be on the streets. As opposed to going west in your vehicle as often advised, slap your logo on a company vehicle and go drive. The world may be becoming more and more technical, but transport on the roads continues to increase. Whether you operate a floral delivery business with a small fleet of vans, or a web design company that requires a company car for visiting clients, driving a vehicle that boasts your logo is a low-cost, high-visibility form of direct marketing.

Importance of Logo Design

If you haven’t already got a logo, using professionals for its design plays a critical factor in its quality. Choosing a cheap online logo generator over professionals will leave you with a thoughtless, low-quality image of your company name strung together. However, professional designers will listen to your needs and digest information regarding your company, constructing an effective logo encompassing your business. If you’re based in Peterborough and require your logo to be applied to your vehicle, web designers like us can help. Not only do we provide logo designs but also are willing to add it to your car – if you’re established in Peterborough. Studies show that vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression in any form of advertising. As opposed to a monthly fee for an expensive billboard, a logo on your vehicle requires one payment for years and years of advertising.

Impressions in abundance

Stats suggest that a single vehicle-wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions, reaching more than billboards, radio, direct mail, local group mailers and mass transit advertising. Not only is your company advertised when driving, but also when stationary; parked in Tesco, a densely populated place – notably Hampton’s Tesco in Peterborough – will attract the attention of an abundance of pedestrians.

Being stuck in traffic isn’t so bad when each passing second means more people are looking at your company. And why wouldn’t people? Being stationary or moving slowly in traffic isn’t very exciting –it’s easy for a driver or passenger to focus their attention on the most stimulating object in a queue – your company car. As traffic builds

up and up, more and more individuals will see – leading to more and more potential customers.

The flexibility of Logo Placement

Advertising your logo on your car doesn’t mean merely painting the side panels. Nowadays, almost any part of a vehicle can be adorned with your logo. Whether you want to cover your entire car in an eye-catching wrap or place a roof sign atop your vehicle, it’s possible. Take advantage of the captive audience behind your car when stuck in traffic by putting your logo on your car’s rear window. Using a professional company such as web designers will ensure a captivating logo placed on any part of your vehicle – being based in Peterborough is the perfect spot when using our specialists.

Want to advertise your business that only is part-time? Is your company car also your day-to-day living vehicle? A magnetic sign allows a business to display their logo only when needed. When wanting to keep a lower profile, it can be removed.

Mobility of your logo

Signs are limited to geographic reach. Presenting your company on a billboard is excellent, but stationary. Being confined to a specific location minimises the variety of viewers – the same individuals local to that specific area will continue to view the sign. However, using a car to demonstrate your company will ensure a diversity of people sees your logo – the mobility of a car will put your logo in front of potential customers who might not look at your logo otherwise.

Driving to work, you see the same advertisement daily on the same billboard. Don’t bore the same customers – boast your logo to new, fresh customers. A new set of eyes will be more attracted to your logo than eyes that have to see your advert daily.

Branding your business

Your logo plays a dominant role in your company. It becomes the “face” of your brand. Driving your vehicle with your businesses logo saturates more awareness and visibility for your brand’s public face, in which more people in more areas will be familiar with you. Your wrapped vehicle helps to unify your company. Having a professionally designed logo is an easy way to become a more recognised brand in itself – however; having a professionally designed logo that moves around for even more people to see is a simple method of becoming more noticed.

Without a branded vehicle, your employee’s good work might not be credited to your business. Having a car with your company’s name and information links your worker to your business – thus, building up the reputation that you deserve, furthermore differentiating your team from the general contractor that hired you.

A logo on your vehicle is difficult to forget. A remarkable logo goes far; a noteworthy logo on a moving car will go even more now – on the parkway, to the local shop… Drive your car to your local web designers and leave boasting your logo, taking a journey to success.

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