Copywriters, you’ll know where I’m coming from – the awful ‘mind blank’ we get when we’ve been focusing for too long or can’t think of the next step.

However, you’re not alone; the likes of Shakespeare, Dickens, and Roald Dahl have all been victim to the writer’s block. But, in this blog, we’ve decided to talk about how you can get rid of it.

Creativity, enthusiasm and commitment can be lost when such a block interrupts our mind. You could be the best writer in the world, a creative content writer or social media savvy but one day you will or will have had writer’s block.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

Writer’s block is like having one of them annoying itches that you just can’t get to no matter what you do. However, unlike them itches, there are easy ways to get rid of the inconvenience. When you have a job that requires creativity, it’s important to know how to get rid of writer’s block quickly and effectively.

1. Exercise that brain

This is probably the only kind of exercise I actually do, but by working out your brain with cognitive exercises, you will convince your brain muscles to get moving again. If you’re struggling to produce some content, don’t slave over it all day and night, let it go. Finish some cognitive activities and then go back to it!

You’ll feel rejuvenated and then you can tell people that you ‘worked out(elbow nudge).

Some cognitive activities:

  • Reading
  • Playing an instrument
  • Learning a skill or language
  • Exercise (yes, physically, sorry)
  • Cooking or baking
  • Going outside

2. Listen to music

This is my personal favourite. Listening to music releases endorphins (the chemicals that control your happiness). Music has the amazing ability to completely clear your mind. For the moments you’re stuck in painful situations, music resolves everything – even writer’s block.

The best music for concentration includes:

  • Classic music
  • Deep house
  • Ambient noises
  • Anything without lyrics (lyrics are distracting)

3. Don’t put pressure on yourself

We all have deadlines, but it’s our expectations that cause us to rush and force content that should have a little more thought. Making yourself stress just to get something done and out of the way is a) unfair and b) unrealistic.

All I am saying is utilise the timeframe to the best of your ability, make sure you allow for planning and research as well as time for grammatical corrections and evaluation. Always double, if not triple check your work and use another pair of eyes for that matter.

4. Take short breaks

Trust me, they help. Studies recommend giving you 20 minutes of work time followed by 5-minute intervals to rest and have a breather. By letting your brain relax even just for 5 minutes, this will allow you to restore your train of thought

There’s a really good app called ‘Headspace’ which I use to ‘take ten’ gets me into a positive state of mind. It’s the perfect application for copywriters, as we know that writer’s block is a consistent epidemic.

If you enjoy challenges, however, try ‘The Most Dangerous Writing App’, this app deletes all content if you stop writing for more than 5 seconds, savage right?

Anyway, most importantly I hope this blog has helped and let’s all stop the block – let it not get the better of us, EVER!

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