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How long does it take to design my website?

The duration of your project depends on what you are looking for! Some designs can take weeks; others could take months. But do not worry; we will outline timeframes with you once we have discussed your requirements. But, if you have a deadline, let us know and see what we can do.

How much does a website design or redesign cost?

As all of our work is bespoke, we do not offer packages. It is important to remember that website design is a service, not a product. When you come to us, we offer you a creative process to produce a unique website tailored to you and your customer’s needs. There is no exact price comparison available on any given website project because every website is different.

I’m only looking to add some elements, so I don’t want a whole redesign. Is that something you can do?

YES! We have worked with numerous existing clients to build on their current site to add new integrations or features to enhance your online business. All you need to do is give us a call or drop us an email.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

Web design refers to both the aesthetic portion of the website and its usability. Web development teams take a website design and bring it to life to make a functioning website.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

All of our websites, as standard, are device responsive. This means our development team will optimise them for mobile, desktop and tablet.

Why is web development so important?

With consumers relying on the internet for their necessities during the pandemic, website development became vital for businesses to succeed. Web development allows for a company’s website to service customer online, therefore improving their experience with you.

What features does web development cover?

Development refers to the elements of a website that make it functional. As we offer bespoke development, this means our development team can handle most requests, whether that be a CRM system, online search directory or online courses / academy.

How long does web development take?

The duration of your project depends on what you are looking for! Some development takes longer due to the depth of the work. But do not worry; we will outline timeframes with you once we have discussed your requirements. But, if you have a deadline, let us know and see what we can do.

Which e-Commerce platform do you recommend?

It entirely depends on your business. So we will discuss this with you in great detail first. Our development team recommend WooCommerce due to its extensibility. However, if you are looking for a specific, we can work with you.

Will I be able to manage my site easily after you have finished?

Of course! We will happily provide a full training session to teach you how to manage your new website and make sure you understand the content management system.

I have had a website designed and now want to make it e-Commerce. Is that achievable?

Of course! Our sites are built and designed with longevity in mind. We make sure each site has the infrastructure in place to allow for progression whenever you see fit. Therefore, if you were to have a website designed by us, we can easily build upon your site so our team could integrate an online shop.

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click (PPC) means paying for advertising but only being charged when someone clicks on your advertisement. However, each click’s cost depends on the popularity of keywords and the bid set by you and your competitors.

Are Google Ads expensive?

If you are setting up a campaign by yourself, there are no upfront costs. However, fo to manage your campaign, we do charge set up and management fees. But, depending on where your location, your chosen keywords and competitors bids, your budget will need to be looked at.

Can you monitor paid campaigns?

Of course, we make sure to monitor campaigns daily, ensuring your budget is being used most effectively and nothing untoward is happening.

Why is branding important?

Your branding is essentially the face of your business; it has the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your demographic and gives prospective clients an insight into what you do. Your brand is not only a genuine representation of your company, but it depicts how you wish to be seen. Many judgements we make as people are entirely subconscious, with elements such as colour playing a considerable role in influencing our opinions. You don’t want to leave an accidental wrong impression, which is why we’re here to help.

Who will own the copyright of my logo or branding?

You will receive the copyright to the logo and branding upon completion and settlement of the invoice.

How long does a typical logo take?

A difficult question to answer as every project is different; the vast majority of our branding projects are completed within a week of commencing. However, this is very dependent on communication and complexity of the logo elements.

Why do we need marketing materials?

Suitable marketing materials give an overview of the product and services that your business can offer. Also, your marketing material can heavily affect consumer judgment whether they want to buy the product or service. Putting a little more planning into your marketing materials’ design aspects can help you boost your brand and company image.

How effective are brochures in marketing?

Brochure marketing is effective in many ways, especially when networking; you can hand it out after talking to potential clients or customers. Brochure marketing is highly targeted; as you know, the possible client/customer has shown an interest in your business. Also, it’s great for the viewer to refer to again and again. Some people find accessing a brochure easier than trailing the web for information about your company.

What is the difference between a leaflet and flyers?

Flyers are usually single, unfolded pages that generally printed on one side. Leaflets are double-sided or folded to create multiple pages. Leaflets tend to have more written content and images. A flyer will usually focus on one side with a simple message, with a striking design and minimal detail.

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